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So I felt like dedicating some spare time to paint a few things in Photoshop and one of them included recoloring my old Captain skin based on a reworked version of my character ZH. This time, I decided to give him a darker looking armor, with visible damage and rust on the once golden colors.

I still kept it somewhat detailed and fixed most problems I had with the skin placement on The Captain Model.

I'm still debating wether or not keeping the human pink skin and blue eyes or the non-human pitch-black dark skin and glowing red eyes.



This reminded me of Quake for some reason.


Based on:

No team colors available

Thoughts and opinions are welcomed.

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ZethHolyblade.blp (Texture)

13:44, 12th Feb 2016 ~Nightmare: Too much details making it look messy. The steel armor doesn't look like metal, it looked more like a stained glass window as Aph said. Also, details are a bit repetitive and again resulting to a mess. The sword...




13:44, 12th Feb 2016
~Nightmare: Too much details making it look messy. The steel armor doesn't look like metal, it looked more like a stained glass window as Aph said. Also, details are a bit repetitive and again resulting to a mess. The sword doesn't look sharp you should fix that. I love your reference, which you have made, but that's just not mean that I love your texture. It's just a bit confusing to look at. If you could only shade some parts thoroughly the skin might end up not blending each other, because you have used gold too much. ANd also you only used 2 colors, you could add more tho. If you could only do skin like the style you have done on your character it would end up pretty great probably. As of now, I'll set this to 'Needs Fix' until further changes are made. Also please try to do skins more, and I want to see more progress. Great effort and want to see more.
Let's see.. detail on the front of the boot shins seems alright, as well as on the front of the shield. everything else just seems lill too busy.. maybe you should make big pieces of color more unified, with bigger glass-like parts, surrounded by non-glass, kinda like glass armor from skyrim maybe.. the sword blade should get the same treatment, like a skyrim glass sword
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Jan 31, 2010
Please tell me I'm not the only one who thought of these lol:
Problem with Wc3 models and skins is that they're mostly used in small scale, and creating a lot of layers or a material and double that with thick outlines, and you got yourself something that will look really mushy from a distance and 1.0 scaling value.

Even on the reference picture, there's a whole lot of too much layers to work with Wc3 style. If you could do the thighs in a uni-color of neutral dark brown leather, that'll fix the bottom part entirely. Then you could also simplify in the same way the area around the belt, and also the part from shoulder to the elbow. That will make the skin very detailed still, but not overwhelming, which is a thing 67chrome did on most of his skins (most notable in these two: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/...2426/?prev=search=67chrome&r=20&d=list&page=2 and http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/...5353/?prev=search=67chrome&r=20&d=list&page=2 ). Remember that plainness accents the details much more and better than more details. You need something to contrast those.
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May 16, 2013
Currently trying to "de-detail" the skin a bit as some have suggested. However I found something interesting when I was comparing the skin applied to both the Captain and Blood Elf Luitenant models.

The latter looks a lot less messy at the waist and chest area. Same as for the back of his helmet (no more red and blue thing that for some odd reason has to pull from the blade area). I'ma try adding a few of the things I've been doing to the skin and mix it with this model to see how it turns out before updating anything.

For the time being I'd recommend to use the BEL file instead: units\other\BloodElfLieutenant\BloodElfLieutenant.blp
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Apr 18, 2008
If you want to reduce the details, you should consider simplifying the 'sleeves' (bits between shoulders and gloves), the helmet (worst offender), the 'pants' (same deal here, bit between the skirt and the boots), make the shoulderpads a lot flatter (similar to the original footman), and maybe simplify the skirt as well. He should look a lot less messy then, more fitting for Warcraft III.
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Jul 4, 2019
The look of this model is so cool but if anyone wants less details make another skin for this model that has less details