YGOPRO (Yu-Gi-Oh!) Contest?

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Jul 12, 2010
Not sure if this is the right thread but here goes nothing...

Well since there has been a Hearthstone Tournament, I would like to request a YGOPRO Tournament aswell,
YGOPRO aka Yu-Gi-Oh! PRO is the best free Yu-Gi-Oh game IMO which features:

  • Access to all Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards, you can build your own deck (max 60 cards) and include ANY card you want for free
  • Free to Download, only requires to register an account
  • LAN Battles: I guess we will use those for the tournament
  • Tag Battles(2vs2): Might be interesting to try for the tournament aswell
  • Custom Rules: You can modify the banlist, life points, TCG, OCG and much more
  • Replays: Duels are recorded automatically,w atch duels at a later time and analyze them step by step, also great for recording videos and uploading to Youtube.

I'm just saying this could work as good as it worked with Hearthstone and who knows? maybe even better.

I would recommend downloading YGOPRO, make your own deck, battle Online or vs AI and test it yourself, then let us know where what you think;)
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