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[General] Whole map just turns black and no lighting.

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Level 14
Nov 13, 2017
I just made a 256x256 map with 614 unit/building objects (20% of it are wowrip and semi HQ) and 14009 doodads (80% of them are harvestable trees). Additionally with cliff height of 10.

Well, the issue here is when I press L, everything becomes black but units are still clickable and when tested in-game seems like lighting is disabled and no lights, only units that seem to be cloaked in pure black fog. I wonder it should crash rather than run with no lighting if it has memory or fps rate problem.

Well, I made some maps like these before with over 614+ objects and 20000+ doodads but never encountered a stranged problem like this before. How can this be solved?
I heard of such a bugg before... I think it was from some post with gnoll campaign... the problem was a buggy model which killed the omnilight... one of its light source took over omniLight cause of some limitation with the amount of lightsources per model and random usage of them if to many... then if that unit is removed, omnilight is also gone.

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 64
Jan 18, 2005
Possibly too many light sources nearby? An engine limitation is that each patch can only have 8 lights which are selected to some extent based on proximity. If one places 8 very dim lights this can drown the omnilight.

I suggest posting the problematic map for further investigation.
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