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Werewolves of The Arctic

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Level 2
Jan 15, 2008
This is a project at 50% completion. It is a werewolf game set in the arctic with a town nearby. My idea is to make the town hostile with AI Scripts and make the farmers try and survive attacks from both werewolf and town. If the werewolf infects at least 4 ppl and kills the king, he wins. If the Farmers kill the werewolf or the king they win. I need help with this on a few major triggers. I could also use some Terrain help

Trigger Design

The triggers i need help with are the ones to transform the werewolf and the income system. Otherwise I am all set. Pls help! thks
Level 13
May 24, 2005
Yeah, that doesn't seem to make much sense.

Anyway I rally like the setting.

What do you think of this suggestion:

- The farmers are neutral and have to be protected
- So the human team plays some heroes from the town that have to defend the farmers
- the werewolfs can raid the farmers and attack the town as well
- the werewolfs also got a boss, if the human knights kill him they win

So both teams have 2 strategical goals: killing the enemies boss or taking care of the village (defending or attacking).

OK, but you want people killed by werewolfs to become werewolfs as well? That would mean that werewolfs would get stronger over time. So the human team has to get some advantage to balance this..
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