WeaponMastery (Reforged)

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This is an icon I made some time ago for an Icon Pack for WoW where I updated many of the old icons with Reforged assets. It's based on an icon from WoW
and Mithril Forged Swords.



I worked on the icon, so it'll look now A LOT more natural when you use it with other icons. I added ATC, ATT and UPG versions aswell.
Added mipmaps.

BTNWeaponMastery (Icon)

Very nice, like to see more HD WoW style icons!

Just checking up, have you saved them as DXT1 (no alpha) or DXT5, 1 icon should be at 42MB if DXT1 and barely noticeable quality drop.

Damn, I knew I missed something important, I forgot to remove the alpha channel and save it as DXT1. My bad cause I forgot about the filesize ;/
I've fixed the issue by now and I don't see the diffirence in the quality which should be great imo.
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Hi Kaziorotto, if you ever get the chance to re-upload this as a png, it will automatically create icons of all types/borders for you. Since this icon can be used for other things like ATT, it would be useful for users to have more options! :grin:

Well, that wasn't my intention when I first uploaded the icon, but looking at it again I think it won't hurt to add more options.


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May 1, 2018
Hello Kaz, one more thing; your icon submission does not contain mipmaps. It would appear you manually uploaded these; if you would like to continue to do so, you can simply "generate mipmaps" when saving as ".dds". Alternatively, they will be generated automatically when you upload a ".png" image to be automatically converted.