Warcraft IV: Vengence of the Betrayer

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Dec 12, 2006
Well, I suppose we all know how World of Warcraft cut up Warcraft's lore with a chainsaw. That is why I am about to take on a great challenge: I will try to add on to the lore of Warcraft, while still remaining true to the beginning. Note: the races/locales WoW added are included, but that's about it. The story begins where TFT left off- a human Armada gets owned at Theramore. So, without further ado, I present to you:

Warcraft IV: Vengence of the Betrayer:
Chapter I: Turning Northward

The Scourge had left a deep wound within the entirety of Azeroth. Thousands of lives were lost, while billions had become servants of the Lich King. But, in time, life for all the races had returned to how it once was, and people went about, living out their lives. But the Scourge was not forgotten, and a deep fear was lodged within the hearts of the Azerothians, for they were afraid that the Lich King would return to the Eastern Kingdoms, and possibly in greater numbers.

This had sparked the forging of the Grand Alliance: a pact, made in the Champion's Hall in Stormwind, between the Humans, Night Elves, and the Horde. This new "Alliance" had immediately began discussion on their next course of action regarding the Scourge. Thrall had suggested a daring move: to strike back at Northrend, with full force of all the races. This idea was well received by all.

"Arthas shall pay dearly for his betrayal!" shouted Varian Wrynn, the King of Stormwind, with anger. "My legions and I shall see to it! I have seen the ruins of Lordaeron with my own eyes; the Scourge will fall!"

"It is because of the Scourge that the Legion was allowed to enter our sacred forests," began Tyrande Whisperwind, High Priestess of the Sentinels. "And if such an attack will occur, then the Night Elves will march with you."

"Then it is settled," said Thrall. "We shall began preparations at once. I predict we shall be ready to embark in two month's time."

And so, the leaders dismissed themselves, and the preparations began. Men were drafted into their armies once again, and tools of war were being loaded onto massive battleships. Generals had began devising plans for what would occur once the Alliance would reach the icy shores of Northrend.

However, it was not only the Alliance who was plotting to attack Northrend. Illidan, the "Betrayer", and the self-proclaimed Lord of Outland, still remembered his loss at the hands of the Death Knight, Arthas, and Arthas' merging with the Lich King at the Frozen Throne. Illidan was bent on revenge, and he would stop at nothing to get it. With the combined might of the Naga and the Blood Elves, he would be virtually unstoppable. He had been informed, however, of the new Alliance made between the races by the Blood Elven scouts stationed in the vicinity.

"My brother will go with them..." pondered Illidan, as he looked out into the dark skies of Outland from the peak of the Black Temple. He was reminiscing about the crimes he was accused of over ten-thousand years ago, when he was interrupted by Kael'thas.

"My Lord Illidan," he said calmly, walking slowly towards his master. "We have acquired more news from the scouts in Elwynn Forest. They say that the Alliance plans to attack Northrend in two months."

Illidan snapped out of his revelations and turned towards his ally. "Order the Blood Elves and the Naga to prepare," he said loudly, almost angrily. "We shall join this company in its conquest of Northrend."

"As you wish, my Lord." As Kael'thas walked away, Illidan resumed his pondering. He had a strange feeling in his chest, a feeling he had not known until then: anxiety. He was anxious to battle the Lich King and to prove his worth to Kil'Jaeden, who had been incredibly annoyed with Illidan's "incompetence". But, as we shall soon see, Illidan was more than competent. Illidan's destiny was at hand, and the fate of the entire world rested on his shoulders...
Well, I've been writing for awhile! Took me about an hour for this one tiny introduction! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading and are as psyched to continue reading the story as I am writing (or typing) it. Good night!

Edit: Well, I've edited and added to the first chapter, fleshed it out more. I may add some extras later, when I have more time.
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