Want to Change Your Username? Read This

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Jun 30, 2016
From time to time people want to change their user name. Sometimes as frequently as they change avatar, signature, or user title field. Commonly because their account is old and they want their name to reflect who they are now, or to match their cool new avatar, or because they want to not be affiliated with past mistakes and stupid posts. Know that many have fallen for the same classic trap many times, and there are two major reasons why this should be carefully thought over before you make the request.


Your user name is your main identity in the forums. Even if you want to get away from it, the past is still there. Changing your handle is different from changing your avatar or signature space in that most people won't know who you are at all, even after a quick look. And few people actually enjoy spending the next few months reminding everybody who they were before the change.
  • Quotes.
    All posts that quoted you while you were using your former handle, will still show that handle.
  • Credits.
    All (un)due things credited to you will be lost and credited to some unknown dude(tte) who doesn't exist anymore.
  • Past.
    Your identity is what it is, and the past will still be there. In the form of threads, posts, past mentions, etc. Part of growing up is learning to live with it.


You may now apply for name changes through Account Details. Unless it's gibberish, it'll be approved. There's a 1-month time limit between changes. The Staff will not be liable for any confusion or inconvenience that may result from them.

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