w3arena searches for help

Level 1
Jan 17, 2013
Hello everyone,

We, W3Arena.net, are looking for an advanced mapmaker who would be able to support us. W3Arena is a private WarCraft 3 server for laddergames. All of our laddergames are hosted by hostingbots.
The maps we use in our mappool need some changes to detect the winner. We have already implemented a working script, but the replay parsers from websites such as Replayers.com are unable to detect the player-left-time etc. correctly.

We are in search for someone who’s able to help us improve our mapscripts and do the required changes on the laddermaps.

Our server currently is in beta stage. There are around 10k registered accounts right now and an average user online state of 150.

We hope to find someone here who may be able to help us in making W3Arena the best gaming area for WarCraft 3!