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GgS15 Presents

Warcraft 3 Allstars: Battle Arena Beta +FUN
Created by GgS15

Map Info:

Warcraft 3 Allstars is inspired by the Anime Hero Arena map: FOC(Fight of Characters).
Gameplay is quite similar because you’ll also spend time killing and killing creeps and
enemy heroes, buy powerful items and grow godlike as possible.


-Features a 3v3 multiplayer support for the beta version.
-Features a few heroes and fun heroes for the beta version.
-Customize your Heroes! Spend your hard earned gold in the Luxury Shop to buy powerful
items with special effects!
-QWERTY Hotkeys: [Q] - 1st ability, [W] - 2nd ability, [E] - 3rd ability,
[R] - 4th ability/Ultimate, [T] - Default ability,[Y] - Summon Pet (Coming Soon)
-Cataclysm Mode: A mode that 'tears the world apart' just like in WoW Cataclysm.
Yes, Deathwing will enter your game! Just type: "-cton" without the quotes.
-The map contains a lot of fun secrets!

(Since inspired by FOC, the map contains similar features like creep arenas, bosses, etc.)

Objective of the Game:

-The objective of each team is to get powerful as much as they can
(by farming, pwning enemy players, defeating bosses, etc.)
to destroy the other team's Guardian Tower (The main unit of a team's base).
-Once a team's Guardian Tower is destroyed the team looses.


Image Description:
Map Overview:









Image Description:
Customize Your Hero!


Image Description:
Cataclysm Mode!




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Author's notes:

It’s one of my first maps, so it isn’t coded or designed as good as the veteran mappers do.
If you find a bug, please let me know. Your suggestions and constructive criticisms are all I want,and especially your download.
I hope you will like my map. Thank you

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-

Warcraft 3, Hero Arena, Fight of Characters, Cataclysm, Cloud Strife, Lich King, Fun, Beta, Avenged Sevenfold

W3A_Plus_Fun_Beta_v1.0 (Map)

14:35, 12th Sep 2011 Vengeancekael: Status: Rejected Lacking description: Template Credits need to be listed here. Contact Me 17th september 2011 Vengeancekael: Status: Approved




14:35, 12th Sep 2011
Status: Rejected

Lacking description: Template
Credits need to be listed here.

Contact Me

17th september 2011
Status: Approved
Level 1
Jul 13, 2011
Nice map,Would be better with AI,and some monsters don´t respaw(aint that some king of bug ?)
Another bug is whi the Ex-soldier and with the Mamooth when you use the "jump" ability they can´t attack the creeps.
And the bosses hidden can only be found if your hero has the "jump" ability
Level 2
Sep 9, 2011
ow, thanks for the comment...

well, this map is what i call a "noob's beta", so i'll fix those bugs later when i will learn more about advanced GUI trigger and JASS...

> about the 'Jump' ability, it was originally a spell by 'Spells', the always 'freezes' after doin the jump, and idk why that happens...well you can move the hero after that jump anyway...
> about the hidden bosses, well it can be accessed via buying a flying unit(red dragon) to explore that area and a dagger to blink through the gate, kinda stupid but i made those hidden bosses just for fun...

btw, i'm planning to entrust the unprotected version of this map to sum1 i can really trust, you know what i mean...

yes, thanks again for the comment...and I await moooooore suggestions and bug finds...