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Votekick system for ROC

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Dr Super Good

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Jan 18, 2005
Use them in JASS form. This might require some modifying of the map trigger script directly.

TFT's trigger engine supports the exact same as RoC I believe. As such all TFT triggers will work for RoC although you may need to use third party tools before releasing the map to include them.

Example (remember to backup the map before trying as not all MPQ editors are reliable)...
1. Close editor.
2. Use a MPQ archive browser to find the war3map.j JASS script file and extract.
3. Edit the war3map.j file by importing the JASS trigger code you want to add (can be from TFT as long as you make sure any refferences used ar RoC) and save it.
4. Rebuild your map archive using the same data as the old with exception of your edited war3map.j script file.

Your map will now use the system if run.

If you open the map in the editor and save, it will discard all the script modifictions you made so you may want some form of macro to automate the script importation process if you plan to make a lot of changes between releases.

It is probably easier to just buy TFT and use it through. It also gives you access to a vast array of maps.
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