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USEast Beta Testers Needed

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Level 12
Jun 28, 2008
I have recently finished refurbishing a crappy old map I made after learning how to do things properly. It is call Mars Bound, and is based heavily on the until-recently popular map, Island Defense.

Game Synopsis
The game is played with 2 teams:
The first team of 8 builders control a single peon-type unit called a technician to start and must build a base from scratch to protect that unit.
The second team of 1 martian controls a single powerful hero that must destroy the builders' bases and kill their technicians.

When a builder's technician dies, all of their units and structures are removed from the game and they will switch sides to either the martian's team or a third party free-for-all team. Either way they are given a single lesser hero to control.

The technicians' job is to kill all of the heroes on the martian's team.
The martian's job is to kill of the technicians on the builders' team.
If you are interested in helping to beta test this game for immediate and future versions, you can contact me here or whisper me on USEast as StaberFire.
Not open for further replies.