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Unit Move Help.

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Level 1
Jul 3, 2009
OK so i'm working on a map called Orc Invasion, its way far from being done. But that's besides the point. I need help on the trigger that causes the units to move to the center of the map. So like i have a trigger that is 5 seconds of game have elapsed, spawn 5 grunt in region. and now i want those spawned guys to move to the center. I have a trigger i think is good but i need something better. I have it to where the units that are spawned move to the center (obviously) but they run straight to center ignoring the fact that the human (the good guys) are there.

So my main question is, how can i make it to where they run to the middle and they attack the humans right away?? please help and don't hold back. If i have been unclear just tell me, thanks a ton. :thumbs_up:
Not open for further replies.