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Those having trouble on Limit of Heroes

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Level 7
Jun 4, 2006
For thos people who are trying to create a trigger that is limit of training heroes is 1, take this advise so that it will work

1. Do not create Custom heroes. Custom heroes are not included as real Heroes of the map. So its not icluded in the list of Heroes
2. Get all custom heroes put in the "Hero List"(I don't know whats d name). The "Hero List" is found in the Gameplay Constants(In the Advanced Option at the Top), then go to Techtree - Dependency Equivalents - Hero... As you can see, there are already heroes, the only heroes not placed in there is the Custom Heroes. Add all Custom Heroes on the "List" and there you go, it is know included as Heroes in the Limit Hero Trigger.

Sure almost all ppl here know this but this is for newbies..
Level 10
May 25, 2021
I did it as you said, but if I train 2 melee Heroes and 1 custom Hero, the game still allows me to train/hire 1 more Heroes (melee or custom). But that's not the worst, the worst thing is the game only stops me from training/hiring more heroes if I had 3 MELEE Heroes. Meaning I can have 2 melee Heroes and an endless amount of custom Hero at the same time.

FYI: I already can limit 1 custom hero per type. But if I have many different custom heroes, the last thing I mentioned above happens.

HELP, please!
Level 29
May 14, 2021
If you want custom heroes to be applicable on melee map, you need to set the following custom hero data in Object Editor as well in addition to Gameplay Constants and the trigger that can only limit all custom heroes to 1:
Techtree - Requirements - Tier 2: Any T2 halls such as Keep, Stronghold, Halls of the Dead, Tree of Ages.
Techtree - Requirements - Tier 3: Any T3 halls such as Castle, Fortress, Black Citadel, Tree of Eternity.
Techtree - Requirements - Tiers Used: 3 (Setting it to 0 will indefinitely produce a specific heroes, which you don't want).
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