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The Mountain

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"Entry for the 27th Texturing Contest".
Texturing Contest #27 - Mechanize/Curse of Flesh

My inspiration came from Gregor Clegane, aka The Mountain on GOT. The queen in my latest unreleased level needed a body guard, and Cersei knows; what better body guard than The Mountain.

I also added him to another level of mine where I needed a more threatening force than knights, and I just hope you all can find a bunch of uses for him as well.

The Mountain (Texture)

Entry to the 27th Texturing Contest! See review here at the 27th Texturing Contest - Results
Level 7
Nov 10, 2010
Probably cause they're mittens, and mittens just aren't cool, but that's the way the model was made in 3d so I just rolled with it. I wanted to do gauntlets but I like the way the mittens look in-game so I wasn't worried about it. I asked my brother while playing my level last night if he thought the mittens looked bad and he said ur crazy, they look fine, and that my reskin was awesome. I definitely like him more than the normal Mountain Giant, but I love the human race (except for website moderators lol jk) so go fig.