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The Adventures of Rowan the Wise

Submitted by Turnro
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.


The Adventures of Rowan the Wise is the first campaign in Turnro's series of Warcraft 3 campaigns. It offers an alternative storyline to what could have happened when the Scourge invaded Lordaeron.

This campaign offers Blizzard-like chapters with fun gameplay and an engaging story. You will relive many of Warcraft 3's major events, along with encountering familiar characters from the Alliance and the Undead Scourge.

If you enjoyed the original Warcraft 3 campaigns, then The Adventures of Rowan the Wise is for you!


Relive the Warcraft Story
Explore the lands of Quel’Thalas, protect Dalaran from the Scourge, and travel through the freezing lands of Northrend.

Control the Vast Armies of the Alliance!
Take command of the Silver Hand, take heed to the Blood Elves, and go on treasure hunts with the dwarves of Khaz Modan.

Play as 5 Ultra Powerful Heroes
Play as the original human heroes of Warcraft 3 PLUS a new custom hero called the Ranger.

Voice Acting for all Characters
A feature that is usually rare in custom Warcraft 3 campaigns!

New Units, Spells and Items
Includes powerful legendary items found while playing Hard difficulty

New Background Music throughout Campaign

Variable Difficulty Levels, and much more!


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 5

Screenshot 6

Screenshot 7

Screenshot 8

Screenshot 9


Legendary Items

Find all 10 legendary items while playing The Adventures of Rowan the Wise in Hard difficulty:

Gem of Regeneration
Increases the Hero's health regeneration by 2 hit points per second, and mana regeneration by 25% when worn.
Ring of Mastery
Increases the damage of the Hero by 8 when worn. Also provides an additional 3 Strength, Agility and Intelligence.
Seal of Protection
Increases the Strength of the Hero by 6 and armor by 3 when worn.
Swiftwalker Boots
Increases the Agility of the Hero by 10 when worn. Also causes attacks against them to miss 15% of the time.
Increases the mana of the Hero by 250. Also grants the Hero and friendly nearby units a bonus to mana regeneration.
Runic Bracelet
Increases the Intelligence of the Hero by 8 when worn. Also reduces Magic damage taken by 33%.
Axe of the Ages
Increases the attack rate of the Hero by 15% and attack damage by 15.
Crusader Armor
Increases the armor of the Hero by 8 when worn.
Sapphire Necklace
Increases the Intelligence of the Hero by 12 when carried.
Blessed Crown of Kings
Increases the Strength, Intelligence, and Agility of the Hero by 10 when worn.

Change Log
Old Versions
Version 1.1

- Added in more sound recordings. There are now at least some sound recordings in every chapter
- Slight changes to dialogue
- Now added in the option to play the campaign in Normal or Hard version
- Re-edited AI for all maps except Chapter 10
- Slight changes to Ballista to make them more similar to their Reign of Chaos version
- Modified Shield Breakers, as well as giving them Resistant Skin. However, they are no longer immune to magic
- Minor changes to terrain, especially Chapter 6
- Fixed a problem in Chapter 2 where killing Uther would not complete the main quest
- Minor changes to cinematics
- Changed Blood Elf worker and Dwarf miner models
- Decreased the timing remaining in Chapter 5 from 45 minutes to 35 minutes
- Fixed problems regarding to Rowan's and Bevan's custom sound pathing
- Dragonhawk Riders now have reasonable health in Chapter 3 (before they only had 1 hit point!)
- Fixed pausing problems after cinematics in Chapter 7
- The hotkey for Shield Breakers has been fixed
- Many other minor changes to gameplay

Version 1.2

- Added the final sound recordings. All custom voice overs have now been added in
- Minor changes to existing sound recordings
- Fixed a problem in Chapter 3 where the Blademaster would disappear after using Mirror Image
- Edited AI for enemy bases in all chapters in Hard version
- Exceptional changes to terrain
- Attacking the Night Elves in Chapter 2 is no longer an optional quest
- Edited the following hero abilities:
Resurrection: Cooldown decreases with each level, but does not raise as many warriors as it used to
Mass Teleport: Cooldown decreases with each level
Avatar: Cooldown still increases with each level, but not as much as it used to
Wounding Arrow: Mana cost does not increase with each level
- Shield Breakers no longer need to have Storm Boulder researched in order for them to use the ability
- Shield Breakers can now gain the Improved Storm Boulder upgrade, which increases the damage and stun duration of the ability
- Changed the model of Gyrocoptors
- Replaced Troll Headhunters with Forest Trolls in Chapter 1 (for storyline reasons)
- Decreased the difficulty of Chapter 10 in Normal version. The Lich King is no longer immune to magic, enemy heroes do not have items, the number of towers have been reduced, and the number of units in Arthas' and Kel'Thuzad's base has been reduced by 50%
- Numerous gameplay changes
- Due to gameplay reasons, Logan's Phoenix ability is disabled for the first part of Chapter 8
- Fixed a problem where the High Elves in Chapter 3 would only attempt to attack the Undead once and did not send additional reinforcements
- Decreased the damage dealt by Arcane Towers in Chapter 1
- Rowan no longer gets revived at the Sunwell if he gets killed Chapter 1. Instead, the player loses the mission
- There is now background music at the start of Chapter 7

Version 1.3

- Re-edited Chapter 1’s loading screen text to offer more of an introduction to the story
- Minor changes to cinematics
- Minor changes to terrain
- Changed the name of the Storm Boulder ability to Storm Hammer, as well as changing its icon
- Fixed building hide/unhide problems in Chapter 2
- Removed the Possession ability from Ghosts and Wraiths in Chapter 6. Instead, they can cast Curse
- Created new minor challenges/puzzles to Chapter 6
- Boulder towers now have Fortified armor instead of Heavy armor in Chapter 6 Hard version
- Fixed cinematic skipping problems during Faceless One rounds in Chapter 9
- Slight AI changes (in upgrades) to all chapters in Normal version
- The AI types of all maps have been reverted back to Melee
- The campaign has been updated to match the unit stats of the user’s current version of Warcraft 3
- Changed the path of Nathan’s and Logan’s sound recordings, for campaign reasons
- Hero revive duration no longer has a max revive time
- Modified Bevan’s Mend and Wounding Arrow abilities
- Changed the armor type of Uther (chicken) to flesh. This is so that when the chicken is attacked, it doesn’t sound like a paladin is being hit
- Fixed a problem in Chapter 6 where Tek and Razzil could attack trees
- Increased the damage dealt by creeps in Hard version in Chapters 6, 8, 9 and 10
- Numerous other changes made

Version 1.4

- Fixed a problem where Chapter 4 wouldn't load
- Corrected a few spelling/grammar errors
- Fixed an issue where the Chaplain would attack the Silver Hand's buildings in the final cinematic of Chapter 2

Version 2.0

- The credits map has been removed
- Fixed a problem where the difficulty would set to Hard when currently in Normal version. In addition, the difficulty system has been changed: the player can now choose the game difficulty at the start of each map
- Redone several voice recordings (both partly and completely) for the following characters:
Rowan the Wise, Lord Nicholas Buzan, Villager, Knight, Footman, Captain, Antonidas, High Elf Priest, Logan the Mysterious, Demon Summoner, and Admiral Proudmoore
- Fixed a problem in Chapter 1 where Rowan would become stuck in between fences after using a Scroll of Town Portal
- Minor/moderate terrain changes to all Chapters
- Maiev no longer uses Blink in Chapter 2
- Malganis no longer casts Sleep in Normal version
- A timer has been added to the first quest in Chapter 2
- The quest to slay Uther in Chapter 2 has been redone
- The mirror images of the Blademaster now deal 10% of the Blademaster’s base damage
- The Blademaster’s mirror images no longer disappear after a certain amount of time. However, they will cease to exist once the Blademaster is dead
- Made AI changes to Chapters 3, 4, 5, 8, & 10
- The following spell changes have been made:

- Rowan no longer has Spell Immunity
- Divine Shield has been reworked: it is now an ability that can be cast on nearby friendly units. The spell now protects friendly units from all magic attacks and spells for a fixed time. However, if Rowan casts Divine Shield on himself, he will instead turn invulnerable for the same duration
- Devotion Aura has been semi-replaced with Blessing of Wisdom: it grants Rowan increased mana pool and regeneration, as well as a choice of three different auras. The auras effects and the bonus mana for Rowan will increase with each level

- True Sight has been replaced with Critical Shot: it gives Bevan a 15% chance to deal 1.5 times normal damage to an enemy unit
- Trueshot Aura also increases the attack range of Bevan with each level

- Control Magic has been replaced with Frostbolt
- Brilliance Aura has been replaced with Mage Armor: it increases the armor and grants mana regeneration to nearby friendly units

- Increased the Phoenix’s hits points and damage for levels 2 & 3
- Feedback has been replaced with Life Drain, which converts 15% of his attack damage to health

- Reverted the cooldown increase of Avatar for each incremental level. However, the amount of additional damage has been changed from 20/40/60 to 20/30/40
- Increased the duration of Ensnare and reduced its cooldown for Nathan
- Bash no longer increases the chance of Nathan casting Bash with each level. Instead, the damage it deals has been increased with each level
- Additional runes have been added into Chapter 6
- Fixed a problem in Chapter 6 Normal version where the AI for the Draenei would not run
- A Marketplace has been added into Chapter 6 which can sells items to the player’s heroes
- Fixed a problem in Chapter 7 & 10 where Sylvanas would no longer attack the player after charming units
- Fixed a problem which disabled the player from building a Gryphon Aviary to train Dragonhawk Riders until a Castle is present
- Fixed a bug where creeps would not drop items in Hard version
- Fixed an issue in Chapter 9 concerned with bridge pathing problems
- The amount of Faceless Ones to kill in Chapter 9 has been slightly reduced
- The Lich King’s damage in Chapter 10 has been reduced. However, his attack range has been increased
- Arthas’ and Kel’Thuzad’s base in Chapter 10 has been split
- The Undead heroes in Chapter 10 no longer disappear when their base is destroyed. They merely help defend other bases, and can even defend the Lich King if all Undead bases are destroyed
- The Dwarf Foundry has been replaced with the Tavern
- Random items no longer appear during cinematics
- The Boulder Towers in Chapter 6 Hard version no longer have fortified armor
- The Spell Book no longer grants the hero bonus mana and mana regeneration
- The Tome of Retraining is no longer available in Chapter 5
- Tek’s Command Aura has been replaced with Pocket Factory. In addition, Tek has been given Demolish, which allows him to deal 2x normal damage to buildings
- Numerous small changes have also been made

Version 2.1

- Slight AI improvements to the Undead in Chapters 4, 7, & 8. In addition, a problem was fixed in Chapter 7 which allowed the player to destroy the Undead with ease using only Ballistae
- Flesh Golems now deal Normal damage from Chaos, have less health, and are affected by weapon/armor upgrades
- Tek and Razzil are now classified as Hero units in Chapter 6. This means that their unit stats and spells are now identical to the default Goblin Tinker and Alchemist
- The following spell changes have been made:

- Command Aura now affects both melee and ranged units
- Divine Shield has been reworked: it is no longer usable on units other than Rowan. The spell provides a shield which absorbs damage for a set amount of time. In addition, this change fixes a bug in Chapter 5 where the Undead would retreat back to their base after Rowan uses Divine Shield
- The damage reflected by Retribution Aura has been increased from 10/20/30/40% to 12/24/36/48%. In addition, the aura’s model effect has been changed

- Trueshot Aura has been removed
- Critical Shot is now a Hero ability, with each level further increasing damage
- Bevan has been given a new passive ability: Far Range. This permanently increases his attack range by 100

- Ensnare has been replaced with Demolish, which allows the Mountain King to deal 2x damage vs. buildings

- Minor terrain changes and additional doodads have been added to Chapters 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, & 9
- The Bandit’s voice in Chapter 1 has been replaced
- Additional creeps have been added in the second part of Chapter 8. Before, much of the terrain was empty, making exploring on behalf of the player boring and pointless
- The Quest Descriptions in every chapter have been revised to fix grammar errors
- Minor item rearrangements in Chapter 9
- The experience rate for heroes in Chapter 9 have been slightly increased
- The ending to the Interlude “The Alliance’s Reunion” has been completely remade
- Decreased timing between attacks from the Undead in Chapter 10
- Maiev no longer uses Shadow Meld in Chapter 2. This fixes an issue where the Warden would become permanently invisible at night, and disabled the player from seeing her until it is daytime
- Re-edited the cinematic in Chapter 1 when Rowan reads the Tome of Knowledge
- Slight dialogue/voice changes to the final cinematic of Chapter 5
- Blood Elf Archers and their upgrades no longer require a Blacksmith
- The player now starts with a Blood Elven Barracks in Chapter 7
- The Undead Shipyard in Chapter 7 no longer needs to be destroyed for the player to complete the chapter. In addition, lost Undead Ships will now be retrained at the shipyard
- Fixed a major problem in Chapter 1 where Rowan would become stuck in amongst doodads after using the Scroll of Town Portal in Chapter 1
- Fixed a problem in Chapters 1 & 6 where the hotkey for Rowan’s Divine Shield was not D
- Fixed a problem in Chapter 6 where skipping certain cinematics would cause random items on the ground to permanently disappear
- The Forgotten One’s health in Chapter 9 has been slightly increased, to compensate for Nathan’s Demolish ability

Version 3.0

- Fixed a crashing bug which would occur on Mac computers
- Slight terrain improvements across all maps
- Added, redone and/or replaced several voice recordings for the following characters:
Rowan the Wise, Footman, Knight, Villager, Maiev Shadowsong, Uther, Captain, Chaplain, Archmage, Tek, Bevan the Swift, High Elf Priest, Logan the Mysterious, Spell Breaker, Shield Breaker, Rifleman, Malganis, Akama, and Admiral Proudmoore.
- Slight cinematic changes (including dialogue, camara movements, etc.) throughout all Chapters
- Slightly altered the ending (Epilogue) of the campaign
- Added more in-game dialogue and/or events to Chapters 2, 5, and 7
- Improved the boss fight with Arthas Menethil in Chapter 7
- The damage absorbed from Divine Shield now correctly absorbs 100% damage taken
- The following spell changes have been made:

- Blessing of Wisdom no longer grants additional mana regeneration
- Divine Shield is no longer deactivatable. In addition, the spell’s duration has been changed to 12/18/24/30 seconds, and has increased in both mana cost and cooldown
- Command Aura has been reverted to only affect melee units
- Retribution Aura’s damage reflected has been changed to 15/25/35/45%
- Resurrection no longer increases the amount of allies raised with each level. Instead, the cooldown will further decrease by 90 seconds for each level

- Far Range has been removed
- Bevan now has Trueshot Aura again. This spell also grants additional range for the hero, but does not increment with each level
- Critical Shot has been reverted back to a passive ability
- Increased the mana cost of Mend from 105 to 115
- Decreased the mana cost of Wounding Arrow from 225 to 175

- Mage Armor is now classified as an auto-cast ability. However, this spell will not automatically be activated at the start of each chapter
- Decreased the casting delay of Mass Teleport for levels 2 & 3 from 5 seconds to 3

- Increased the duration of Banish to 12/18/24/30 seconds. In addition, the cooldown for this spell also decreases with each level (6/4/2/0 seconds) and has a mana cost of 75 throughout all levels

- Bash now grants both increased damage and a chance to bash with each incremental level

- Bevan’s model now uses the Priest death sound when killed
- Fixed a problem in Chapter 5 where flying units like Gargoyles could slip pass the player’s defenses, which caused the player to unexpectedly lose the mission
- Fixed a problem in certain missions where cinematics would make the player’s worker units forget their build orders
- The Silver Hand army in Chapter 1 will no longer run away when fighting the Orcs
- Decreased the range of Ballista from 1150 to 1000
- Fixed a bug in Chapter 1 where having Rowan dead would not make the player loss the mission
- Added in a new Optional Quest to Chapter 5
- Transport Ships in Chapter 7 no longer cost food
- The Archmages in Chapter 5 now have slightly different models
- The Mask of Death in Chapter 9 has been replaced with the Necklace of Spell Immunity
- Pressing the spacebar will now bring the player to quest-specific locations on the map
- The Undead will now have increased damage in Hard Version in Chapters 8, 9, & 10

Version 4.0

- New custom music throughout cinematics and gameplay
- The hotkeys for units, buildings, spell, etc, have been changed around the QWER composition. However, these hotkeys will have no effect on the game if Custom Hotkeys are enabled through the user’s profile
- New items to find, with extremely powerful legendary items to acquire in Hard difficulty
- All known cheats that give the player an unfair advantage have been disabled on Hard difficulty. If a cheat is used, the player will automatically lose the mission
- The entire campaign has been polished. This includes, but not limited to, changes to terrain, cinematics, and in-game events
- Fixed a bug in Chapter 2 where Rowan would appear in an in-game cinematic after dying
- Rowan's Divine Shield ability now correctly absorbs spell damage as opposed to gaining health
- Fixed a problem with the AI where waves sent to attack the player would retreat back to base once they have killed a single unit/structure
- Fixed a bug in Chapter 2 where the woman would not always give the player a Potion of Mana
- Fixed a few issues for the boss fight with Arthas in Chapter 7
- Changed the armor types of enemy structures to Heavy Armor in Chapters 1 & 3
- The first Shade killed in Chapter 4 will now count towards Shades killed for the optional quest
- Remade the losing cinematic in Chapter 5
- Fixed Tara's spell description for Mage Armor
- Bevan's Trueshot aura no longer grants additional attack range. Instead, Bevan will start off with increased attack range by default
- Decreased the mana cost of Bevan's Wounding Arrow ability from 175 to 150
- The Shield Breakers Storm Hammer upgrade will now enable that ability as opposed to increasing its overall strength
- Reduced the magic resistance of Shield Breakers from 50% to 25%
- Added new models for potion and scroll items throughout the game
- Night Elf Glaive Throwers now have a new skin

Version 4.1

- Fixed an issue where passive icons in the game would appear as a green icon
- The Book of the Silver Hand in Chapter 1 now has a cooldown after being used. In addition, Rowan will stop casting teleport when a cinematic commences
- Fixed an issue in Chapter 5 where the 'secret' magic vault would not drop any items in Normal difficulty

Version 4.2

- The player is no longer blocked-off from reaching the bandits if teleport is used in Chapter 1
- The Rock Golems in Chapter 2 will now correctly use Hurl Boulder
- The final minions in the boss fight with Arthas in Chapter 7 are now actual units instead of animated dead. This fixes a bug where the player could deliberately wait for the minions corpses to decompose before facing the final stage of the boss fight
- Fixed a bug in Hard difficulty which made the player automatically lose the mission, even if no cheats were used

Version 4.3

- The following characters have had their voice overs redone:
Lord Nicholas Buzan, Demon Summoner, Orc Bladesmaster, and Orc Raider
- Most Anti-Cheat systems have been removed. The player will now only instantly lose in Hard difficulty if ‘WhosYourDaddy’ is used
- Fixed a bug in Chapter 7 where the different boss phases with Arthas would not run when expected
- Fixed an item crashing issue on Mac computers from the new items added into the game from Patch 4.0
- Resolved an issue where the Night Elf attacks would be delayed as their forces would often get stuck inside their base
- Fixed a bug in Chapter 5 where the second gate to Dalaran would not get destroyed, blocking off Undead reinforcements
- Reverted the Hold Position hotkey back to H
- All Undead bases will now send constant attacks to the player in Chapter 10 Hard difficulty
- Added slightly more gold to the gold mines in Chapters 2, 4, 7 & 8
- Added new altar building models to the Dwarf and Blood Elf sub-factions
- Altered the statistics of Swordsmen and Guardians to make them more unique from Footman
- Re-added the Blood Elf/Dwarf building hints to Chapters 7 & 8
- Flesh Golems now have an anti-air attack
- The main bandit in Chapter 1 will now drop a healing potion in Hard difficulty
- Re-added +1 weapon and armor upgrades for the High Elves in Chapter 3
- Changed the legendary item location in Chapter 4 Hard difficulty

Version 4.3.1

- Fixed a major problem in Chapter 3 where the Blademaster would become invulnerable and frozen in place
- Mal'Ganis no longer holds a Potion of Healing in Chapter 3 Hard difficulty
- Fixed the hotkey for purchasing Ivory Towers in Chapter 5

Other Campaigns in Turnro’s Warcraft 3 Series

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Credits and Debug:

Important Notes
- It is highly recommended that you update Warcraft 3 to the latest patch version before playing The Adventures of Rowan the Wise. The download to this patch can be found here.
- The normal background music of Warcraft 3 has been replaced with better music. Be sure to enable music through your profile as it is an integral part of the campaign experience
- If you use the ‘WhosYourDaddy’ cheat while playing this campaign on Hard difficulty, you will automatically lose the mission
- There is a known bug on Mac computers where the game will crash when certain custom items/units are selected. While I have tested this campaign to ensure this doesn’t happen, please notify me if otherwise happens



LOGO DESIGN: carlvic

Rowan the Wise
Admiral Proudmoore
Goblin Sapper
King Terenas

Arthas Menethil
Nathan the Mighty

Bevan the Swift

Tara the Magnificent

Logan the Mysterious

Lord Nicholas Buzan
Demon Summoner

Holly Lindin
Maiev Shadowsong

Cord Grabarz
Spell Breaker

Mega Pieman
Shield Breaker

Johannes Envall

Mr. Bob
General Frank


Blizzard Entertainment
Grey Archon
General Frank

Blizzard Entertainment
1C:Ino-Co (theme music from Majesty 2)
The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (Cheer Sound)

Special Thanks:
I would like to thank the following users whose help and feedback has allowed me to continuously improve this epic campaign:

map designer
Daffa the Mage
lightning brigade

I would also like to thank all those who have played The Adventures of Rowan the Wise. Your advice and feedback is what allows me to make bigger and more exciting campaigns :)

Human, Silver Hand, Arthas, Antonidas, Blood Elf, High Elf, Dwarf, Paladin, Scourge, Dalaran, Quel'thalas, Lordaeron, Uther, Goblin.

The Adventures of Rowan the Wise (Campaign)

14:32, 1st Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
  1. Turnro


    Dec 8, 2009
    Hi Goodguard4,

    I think I know what the problem is. The door will only unlock when you have found 19 elves. The elf behind the door is the last one to find. This means that you have probably missed one elf or two somewhere.

    Also, the first shade you kill does not count towards shades killed. There are 5 other shades for you to find that will enable you to complete the quest.
  2. tomas92


    Aug 19, 2013
    Just played through it, awesome custom campaign! The best one I ever played. Congratulations, it's fantastic :D
  3. Turnro


    Dec 8, 2009
    I'm happy that you've enjoyed it, tomas92 :)
  4. Goodguard4


    Aug 27, 2013
    Thanks a lot i already made the campaign, it was so... Epic and greatly worked i loved the part when you can control globins heroes, the custom models are amazing, and im sorry i didnt know that in that mission, thanks again mate. :goblin_good_job:
  5. funAlways


    Mar 3, 2012
    Epic map, no bugs encountered, 5/5, the only thing i hate is the last chapter, only 5 *imbalanced* heroes can destroy everything including the lich king without any unit helping, only 5 heroes and summons (im at normal mode)
  6. Turnro


    Dec 8, 2009
    Playing in Normal version probably explains why ;)
  7. HighKnightJS


    Aug 25, 2013
    Overall 10/10 currently playing The Resurrection of the Scourge. Best Interlude (Portal to the Damned [Funny] and the Alliance's Reunion). Still wondering though why Uther was kinda dumb to be a Paladin.
  8. Turnro


    Dec 8, 2009
    Thanks for playing, HighKnightJS. This campaign is kind of a parody storyline, so not everything is supposed to make sense ;)
  9. vinh834


    Aug 27, 2011
    Is there a way to unlock missions in order to not lose progress?
  10. Kilmarz


    Aug 23, 2013
    Didn't manage to finish the whole campaign... Though, it was really entertaining...
    What I think that you messed up here is with some heroes' voices... Rowan and Bevan are OK but... Maiev's voice? Seriously, freaks me out...

    Everything else is fine... Rowan's Aura Switch Skill was a nice touch...
  11. Turnro


    Dec 8, 2009
    Each chapter should automatically unlock in the loading screen when you complete the sequential chapters.

    Or are you referring to unlocking the missions in the current version of the campaign from when you played a previous version?
  12. Turnro


    Dec 8, 2009
    Good to hear you enjoyed the campaign, Kilmarz :)

    I am curious to know, though: Did you play an old version of The Adventures of Rowan the Wise? A lot of the voice overs were recently changed, including Maiev's.
  13. Kilmarz


    Aug 23, 2013
    ok... Finished the campaign and noticed the voice changes... Good.
    Though... On last mission, could be better if you allow the player choose his/her faction before commencing the mission per se and let the AI control the other 2 instead of controlling the whole army against the Lich King.
    But the campaign was really cool now that I finished it.
    5/5 (Got up, huh? xD)
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2013
  14. Turnro


    Dec 8, 2009
    You are welcome to PM me questions concerned with any areas you wish to know about. I won't be able to help you make the actual maps, though, since I am very busy with projects of my own ;)
  15. illidan013


    Aug 26, 2013
    Can you make the other teams in the last mission computer controlled.
    Its so hard to manage the whole Alliance.
    Anyways nice Campaign. :ogre_haosis:
  16. Turnro


    Dec 8, 2009
    I'll have to think about that, because making the other teams AI-controlled will completely change how the map will be played.

    If you are struggling, it may be wise to use your heroes to group up and attack the Scourge together. I have heard of players who successfully defeated the undead with only the heroes (in Normal version).

    Either way, good to hear that you enjoyed the campaign :)
  17. darwin


    Aug 30, 2004
    Excellent campaign; I enjoyed it a lot.

    - Detailed cinematics with a coherent storyline
    - Voice acting throughout the map
    - Plenty of hidden items to find
    - a good mix of bad guys
    - the dwarven levels were fantastic; made use of good dwarven models
    - a few new spells that were interesting and well done
    - reasonable in length
    - challenging without being annoyingly hard
    - Didn't overwhelm the player with options, e.g. when you controlled 3 bases each base had only a few unit types, so you weren't managing NEs with Orcs with Humans, for example
    - good mix of play types - dungeons, vs. army
    - made use of almost all the human units, so it felt like a real campaign

    - the voice acting was better than I could do, but still a bit jarring compared to Blizzard's work. The dwarven hero, for example, was annoying. I actually promptly deleted my own voice files from my campaign (in progress) after playing this.
    - Some of the important characters in the lore were treated stupidly for some reason. Uther, for example, was a major and powerful character and he's written off as insane. This is odd, and undercuts the rest of the campaign which is reasonably serious.
    - Much of the terrain is flat

    All in all it's one of the best campaigns I've played. I will definitely play the others by this author when I have more time.

    5/5 and +rep
  18. Turnro


    Dec 8, 2009
    Thanks for playing darwin :)

    I'm glad that you enjoyed The Adventures of Rowan the Wise. The voice acting was fun, though I will do better to improve it in future campaigns (sorry if I made you delete your own voice files for your campaign lol).

    You should enjoy my other campaigns, even without the voice overs ;)
  19. illidan013


    Aug 26, 2013
    The campaign ends with Admiral killing the King

    I am sure There will The Adventure of Rowan the Wise 2 or maybe, with a different name. :)
  20. Turnro


    Dec 8, 2009
    There is, my friend. It's called Jeopardy for the Horde ;)