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Survival Shelters

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Description: A pair of simple stockade geoset meshes I reshaped from the Mercenary Camp model from the WarCraft III mpq. Scaled the Pre-existing Nerubian Ziggurat to 0. Skins for logs are photographed and photoshopped.
Don't worry about the skin. That and other derivatives will be included.
If there's anything I should know about, tell me.
All credits to Blizzard.

1.) The Modified Shelters plus Teepees are now available. They use the in-game Fall Tree Wall texture, so you may freely use another tree texture of your choice.
No more 0-scaled Nerubian ziggurat, for the sake of KB.
2.) Survival Huts are now included.
3.) Textured custom MercSkin, to cut down KBs. (For those who have knowledge for texturing on Mdlvis, you may choose whichever colored stockade for your Survival Shelter.)
4.) I have made entirely new Survival Structures from Scratch, including the Towers, and they have both original and Alternate versions, so one shows LordaeronTree and the Alternate shows LordaeronTreeBlighted. (Note: I tried using the LordaeronTree skins straight out of Textures, but the program didn't like that, so I ended up exporting the skins and using those instead.) Please note that none of them have the build animation, as they are meant to be creep buildings. This revamped pack also comes in with the new destructible Survival Fences, which I animated myself. Ado credits to biridius for helping me with the Teepees and Hut #2. All the new versions have the Blair Witch Logo, so ado credits to Haxan Films for the inspiration. All older resources are still available. If you want, you may use the Haunted Forest TC Background for these new models. Just to warn the user, these new models have much, much higher polys than the originals.

MercSkin Version:
- SurvivalShelter_MercSkin.blp
- 15 KB
- SurvivalHut_1
- 33.45 KB
- SurvivalHut_2
- 33.45 KB
- SurvivalShelter_1.mdx
- 31 KB
- SurvivalShelter_2.mdx
- 31 KB
- SurvivalTeepee_1.mdx
- 31 KB
- SurvivalTeepee_2.mdx
- 31 KB

Lordaeron Tree Wall Texture Version:
- SurvivalHut_LordaeronFallTree_1.mdx
- 19.15 KB
- SurvivalHut_LordaeronFallTree_2.mdx
- 19.15 KB
- SurvivalShelter_LordaeronFallTree_1.mdx
- 30.75 KB
- SurvivalShelter_LordaeronFallTree_2.mdx
- 30.75 KB
- SurvivalTeepee_LordaeronFallTree_1.mdx
- 30.72 KB
- SurvivalTeepee_LordaeronFallTree_2.mdx
- 30.72 KB

~ I have made newer versions of the huts, plus towers and fences.
~ I made "fully woven" versions of the destructible fences, based on the ones from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
~ I have made some brand new "Scabland Shelters," based on the following video. No Custom Texture and no TC because it's woven grass, though TC versions are being planned. Have fun!!
I've updated all my "FullyWoven" fences, so they include gates.

PaganFence (Texture)

ScablandShelter0 (Model)

ScablandShelter1 (Model)

Survival Hut_LordaeronFallTree_1 (Model)

Survival Hut_LordaeronFallTree_2 (Model)

Survival Shelter 1 (Model)

SurvivalFence (Model)

SurvivalFenceLong (Model)

SurvivalFenceLong (Texture)

SurvivalFenceLong_Angled (Model)

SurvivalFenceLong_FullyWoven (Model)

SurvivalFenceLong_FullyWoven_Angled (Model)

SurvivalFenceLong_FullyWoven_Angled_V2 (Model)

SurvivalFenceLong_FullyWoven_V2 (Model)

SurvivalFence_Angled (Model)

SurvivalFence_FullyWoven (Model)

SurvivalFence_FullyWoven_Angled (Model)

SurvivalFence_FullyWoven_Angled_V2 (Model)

SurvivalFence_FullyWoven_V2 (Model)

SurvivalGateLong_FullyWoven (Model)

SuRvIvAlHuT1 (Model)

SuRvIvAlHuT2 (Model)

SurvivalHut_1 (Model)

SurvivalHut_2 (Model)

SuRvIvAlShElTeR1 (Model)

SuRvIvAlShElTeR2 (Model)

SuRvIvAlTeEpEe1 (Model)

SuRvIvAlTeEpEe2 (Model)

SuRvIvAlToWeR1 (Model)

SuRvIvAlToWeR2 (Model)

VerticalGateAngled_DeerSkullz (Model)

VerticalGateLongAngled_DeerSkullz (Model)

VerticalGateLong_DeerSkullz (Model)

VerticalGate_DeerSkullz (Model)

Survival Shelter 2 (Model)

SurvivalShelter_LordaeronFallTree_1 (Model)

SurvivalShelter_LordaeronFallTree_2 (Model)

SurvivalTeepee_1 (Model)

SurvivalTeepee_2 (Model)

SurvivalTeepee_LordaeronFallTree_1 (Model)

SurvivalTeepee_LordaeronFallTree_2 (Model)

General Frank
Simple and useful little models.