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Level 13
Mar 6, 2008
After the participating on the "FBF Weekly Beta Testing Event"
27th of February 2014, here are my suggestions:

- turning unit collusion off
Due to the mass of units Heroes get blocked very fast and melee
heroes get trapped all the time.

- escape mechanism
If you can't find a way to reduce the blocking by units make at
least some kind of escape mechanism for the alliance side.
For example invisible potion which disables also the collusion
or just a no collusion potion. Or another example let the dome
shift during the game. Maybe if the infidels kill one of the
bosses let the whole dome shift to that position with the

- brief backport channel time
There were some nice fights but the Forsaken heroes always had
the unfair advantage of having a portal all the time to escape.
This shouldn't be removed but if a Forsaken hero wants to port
back to base there should be a 3 seconds channel time were the
hero has to stand in the portal zone.

- courir
The fact that one has to go back to base to buy anything was
quite annoying. If you make the buyable units being able to
transport items, would make the gameplay more fluent.

- enable skipping cinematic
Seeing the cinematic in every new game would be a little bit
annoying and I don't see any disatvantage for those who want to
whatch it.

- Stackable Health/Mana potions
Due to the long ways the alliance units have to walk, it would
be helpful to have some out of combat regeneration. So, maybe
make the potions stackable or add an increased health/mana
regeneration automatically if a hero does not cast a spell,
attacks somebody or gets attacked.

- Aura not normal units
Hero-Auras shouldn't affect normal units the same way as they
affect other players. Due to the tauren chieftains speed aura
the normal units were a lot stronger in the early game.

- too slow regeneration in the base

- higher tiers / stuff for gold
In the late game we had too much gold and too few things to buy.
So maybe you make a new set of super expensive uberitems or
maybe a new shop were one can buy timed buffs. For example the
hero has +1 strength for 1 minute or all friendly units have
+1hp reg/sec.
Level 13
Mar 19, 2010
Thx Bhusta for this detailed feedback. There are a few important points that we need to discuss.

turning unit collusion off

yes, thats a general problem of this map and this gametype. We implemented three types of Creep waves depending on the forsaken players. That means,

1-2 Forsaken Players: 30 units per lane == max. 60 units
3 players: 20 units per lane == max. 60 units
4-6 players: 10 units == max. 40/50/60 units

We create defense units depending on how many coalition units enter the forsaken land im comparison to it's current hp. If the forsaken players kills only a few units with their towers we get trouble with too many units. Thats why we often get blocked by allied units.

escape mechanism

The idea with the potion is not bad or all heroes get a 5th ability which can be used to run through units but only every X sec/min. We'll discuss the idea with "mobile dome". Maybe that could be an interesting point and prevent for long walking times to the current battle point.

brief backport channel time

That's a good point. I noticed that's a bit unfair and i think we should add this feature.

I'll talk to my team mates which way is the best to optimize this point. I have an idea too :) But thx for this hint.

enable skipping cinematic


Stackable Health/Mana potions

Good Point! Noticed.

too slow regeneration in the base

yes, that's correct! Will be increased with the next version.

higher tiers / stuff for gold

We will not add more shops or items... We try to fix that by changing the some values like the gold-income, gold for hero kill... but i had the same problem in the test yesterday.
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Level 6
Jun 29, 2011
Maybe adding more teleportal spots after X round for the coalition (with the 3secs thing to avoid fast running away)? It's too anoying having to run whole way back just to heal up and buy items.

Extra improval for heroes in late game. Its gnna be good that u decrease gold income per round etc but... what to do once u get the best items? thres nothing else to do to improve your hero.
Level 13
Mar 6, 2008
After playing on the 8th of March (v.0.2.3), here are some more suggestions:

Make the gameplay independend from the starting position the players pick in the lobby.
It was annoying to explain several times why two buddys can't play in the same race, and they wondered why this has even an effect on the gameplay and somehow I agreed with them.
You should make this part dynamic to the number of active players. Alliance players should be fully free to decide the race they are fighting for during the game and not before the game. I don't see any reason speaking against it.
Also making the number of spawning alliance creeps dependend from the players on the alliance side is wrong from my point of view. It should be the other way around.
Spawn units for every defending Forsaken player fitting to their starting points.

A small problem at the beginning was that I had no spawning creeps on my lane whereby another lane where no defending forsaken player was, had spawns. So I had to switch lanes.

Massive Wood?
Could you explain me the number of wood you get after a wave?
It seems to be a set amount.
As I said above we played 3vs3. At some early point of the game I had so much towers that nearly no alliance unit made it through.
From my point of view you have to find a mechanic for the alliance players to fight against the towers.
The TD part of this map is a little bit one sided atm.
Level 13
Mar 19, 2010
Could you explain me the number of wood you get after a wave?

Well, the number of lumber you get are fixed values and oriented to the 3 vs. 3. We have fixed Tower prizes and damage values and if we balanced the 3v3 we only have to change the HP of the Units for 1v1,2v2,4v4,.... but first we need optimized values for a 3v3.
In the next version we try some new values!
I tested a lot of rounds with different towers. It will take a bit time to find the best lumber values.

At the moment it looks like that:

static method onInit takes nothing returns nothing
			//+ 120 per RRound
            set LUMBER[1] = 280 
            set LUMBER[2] = 400 //+120
			set LUMBER[3] = 500 //+100
			set LUMBER[4] = 580 //+80
			set LUMBER[5] = 640 //+60
			set LUMBER[6] = 680 //+40
            set LUMBER[7] = 750 //+70
			set LUMBER[8] = 770 //+20
			set LUMBER[9] = 770 //+0
			set LUMBER[10] = 780 //+10
			set LUMBER[11] = 780 //+0
			set LUMBER[12] = 800 //+20
			set LUMBER[13] = 820 //+20
			set LUMBER[14] = 0
			set LUMBER[15] = 0
			set LUMBER[16] = 0
			set LUMBER[17] = 0
			set LUMBER[18] = 0
			set LUMBER[19] = 0
			set LUMBER[20] = 0

The first 13 Rounds looks ok and up to the next version i'll find the rest values for round 14-20.