Strike of the Dead

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Very simple icons for Undead minion(Skeleton Warrior and Skeletal Mage), I thought it might be useful.
Dank version are included (with extra runes)

Feedback and credits are appreciated.

Strike of the Dead (Icon)

Strike of the Dead Mage (Icon)

Strike of the Dead Mage2 (Icon)

Strike of the Dead2 (Icon)

Thank you guys.
I have made some minor update, older version shows below:
If I'm interpreting the illustration correctly... General problem I see is that silhouette lacks accurate foreshortening. The arm bones don't appear in the proportions they should because of this. For instance, the fist and the sword are supposed to be closest thing to the observer while elbow is farthest away. Also, the green effect is monotone in its flow across the arm, I think that the parts where sword is should come with stronger highlights than the rest.

Also, what's with the silhouettes though?
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Jan 31, 2017
Amazing icons, I'm helping my buddy with his campaign and we'll definitely use some of these and give you credit of-course, I'd rate these 5/5, you are really excellent at creating these
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