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Steam World [WIP]

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Level 2
Sep 2, 2011
steam world is a story rhat takes place in an alternate uneverse where world war I continued till the year 2010 when a shortage of feul for tanks, jeeps, planes, etc. Because of all the polution the world was destroyed...ish. many plant survived and an international pact was signed that no plants were to be harmed because if there was no plants every one would die. in the year 2013, the New London science department invented a tank that runs on coal, ironicly the german science department also developed a coal powerd tank. because of this the Allies(New Britania,The United States, Canada, and France) and the Axis(Germany, The U.S.S.R, North Korea, and Japan) began to fight again.

Political Leaders
New Britania
King Charles.

President Obama

Prime minister Harper

President Francois

The Führer

The U.S.S.R
Lord Boris

North Korea
Kim Jong Il

Emperer Chin Dom

For all of you that are wondering, the colors used to highlight the armies are the in game colors.

Army of New Britania

Footman Skin by Red Shift
Attack is a bit stronger than a footman
Knights are the core of the british army, wielding sword and shield, they rush into gunfire. you'll never see a braver soilder.
picture is a WIP
Attack is a bit stronger than the riflemans and the relode time is a bit longer
Musketeers are the ranged units of the british army, reload is a bit slow but the attack is higher than the enimies waffin ss attack
Gattling Gun
picture is a WIP
Dose a bit less than a rifleman but has a faster attack speed, but a slower movement speed
Construction Worker
picture is a WIP
pretty much the same stats as a peasant exept its a bit stronger
U.S Army
Canadian Army
German Army
Waffin SS
picture is a WIP
Stats are a WIP
Description is a WIP
The rest is incomplete
The U.S.S.R
North Korea
Japanese Empire
Volume 1: New Britania!
New Britania is the story of the British in the end of the Great War (also called ww1, and the 2nd 100 year war).
Volume 1 Heros
Major Henry Comonwelth
[picure is a WIP]
Abilities: [WIP]
Discription: From age 10 Henry wanted to be a comando like his father (George Comonwelth). He eventualy did join the british army at age 20 and he is the main hero in the british campain in my story.
King Charles
[still finding a good picture]
Abilities: [WIP]
Discription: Charles finaly got on the throne. Charles is the king of New Britania who is seen only a couple of times and is controled by the player only once. Charles is mentioned alot in the story.
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