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Starcraft Terrain Templates

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Hello everyone! I'll be posting here information about my terrain templates from time to time. The templates will be uploaded in the SC 2 resources and I'll be mostly terraining everything that isn't male maps.

I DO TAKE REQUESTS, but only if your map has potential.

The first terrain template I made, so, the terrain in this map takes place in an abandoned refinery where Protoss once refined ores. It's a really dangerous place because if you fall down into the hot boiling lava, your roasted chicken or just simply, ash.

You can find the map here along with a few screnshots to just give you a clear vision of what your downloading.

It will be located in the barren wasteland where nature grasps for life near a river. I uploaded few screenshots, more coming soon.

Suggestions and criticism are welcome.

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Jul 6, 2008
Erm, Cortex Roleplay... well that's you can say more of a map. Series of maps. You now, like Sotdrp in Warcraft 3, only with some more expanded functionality thanks to new triggers in SC2. Just uncomftable that you have to write unit ID names instead of having those buildings spawning anything you like.

First picture looks real neat with those reflections. Second... once again, Cortex Roleplay - kinda reminds me of a part of terrain from Nealeth terrain. Kinda looks empty, but hey, that's how deserts are supposed to be. Third one is the best. Really love how you combine alien and terran plantlife... just wondering what is that Mengsk Statue doing there...
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Aug 19, 2011
Hello, Oziris. First and foremost, I love your terrain! Just looking at it makes me feel like I'm playing the game.

Now, secondly, I know this is just my first post here on the Hive, but I do frequent it quite often. I just read and browse through, brainstorming ideas here and there. I will admit, I do use SC2mapster, as it does have a slightly larger SC2 community - which is what I mod on.

I tried to PM you, but it will not let me. So sorry in advance that I posted here. I guess you can call me the "Project Leader" for this RPG I'm working on. The name is "Void: Eternal Dusk" right now, but I do plan on changing it to a different name (As that one is very... well, you know).

Here is the link to the project: http://www.sc2mapster.com/forums/resources/project-workplace/25041-rpg-void-eternal-dusk/

I am very dedicated and motivated, I got all that you see done in about 1 month's time. A few days over a month. All the major component systems are completed, and I am currently optimizing code to save script size. Once I finish optimizing, I will be working on the character selection and tutorial. - But, before I blab too much, here's what I ask of you.

I would love to have you as a terrain lead, and perhaps polish or refurbish (lol) the current terrain. Perhaps also give insight on what could be done better? If you would not like to join a team, perhaps just work on a "dungeon" map that I do have planned for the project? Thank you for your time and consideration. Great terraining.
Enexy, I'm already in 2 big projects which takes a lot of my time, so I'm not available at the moment and not any time soon. Thanks for the nice offer though and I wish you good luck. :)

Here is another Template I did in a few minutes. Nothing big, but I like the atmosphere. It's an Island caught up with a big storm.


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