Star wars Clone war vehicles

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
These are 3 vehicles I did almost a decade ago, then uploaded on dbz geek girl site, which underwent many changes, including owners, before shutting down. So these models were no longer avalaible, I barely managed to find them again, so they can be reuploaded again. They aren't of a particular good quality, especially the textures, but these models are the only I made textures for. Except homing spider droid, which uses dwarf spider droid texture made by olofmoleman for this model Dwarf Spider Droid so you can use both models using single texture.

It contains:
- Clone turbo tank
- Homing spider droid
- Dual lazer projectile

olofmoleman for the droid texture

AT-TE (Model)

Clone turbo tank (Model)

dual lazer projectile (Model)

Homing spider droid (Model)

Issues fixed, works well in-game now. The laser projectile addition is rather nice. Will be useful around. :) Approved.
Level 8
Jul 29, 2010
how do you make models like this, i've tried searching for model programs but i can never get a straight answer on this site and when i do it's a broken link or far too outdated or something, i really badly want to make an AT-AT, i have the wc3 model editor but i have no idea how to use it.
No need to make an AT-AT as they already exist. I think I saw one in some star wars maps (you may check those first), one is uploaded here AT-AT - WarCraft 3 - XGM: Gamedev & Modmaking

Agree, especially since we now are no longer bound by 8mb.
To the models, they look a bit too plain to me... like the metal looks unrealistic, too bright.

yeah I'm not good with textures
Level 8
Jul 29, 2010
Funny, there is a model riding it, but not on foot, but I swear I saw some somewhere. Maybe just a reskin of the clone trooper. Although this guy seems to be doing something about it Imperial Stormtrooper | HIVE I'm not sure how actively so.

So yeah, there is little reason to start modelin)))

Yeah I've seen Olofmoleman's dewback rider too, don't quite understand why he wouldn't retexture his clonetrooper into a stormtrooper.
All of them share the same issues:
  • They're missing sprite attachment points. Those are needed in mechanical units to display damage fire. (Add until Sprite Third at least). Also, even war machines in WC3 have other regular attachment points (Origin, Overhead, Chest, Weapon, etc.).
  • They lack sounds, for attack and death.
  • Would be nice if you added footprints. To the tank, there's the Siege Engine for a base. To the others there must be a good choice.
  • Too plain textures to really fit WC3. But since the use is very specific, it must do. Consider improving it though.
Also, in the droid one, the smoke particles remain too much time after its death. Might solve reducing to 0 the emission rate when death anim ends. Awaiting update.