StableCraft Deluxe 1.2

Players take their horses and modify them as they want. The player or team with most points after the all 6 races will win the game.


* 12 horses in 6 teams
* Team Match mode for at least 3 complete teams
* 3 types of distance (Short, Middle, Long)
* 3 types of race tactics (Front-Runner, Mid-Tempo, Sprinter)
* 2 types of track (Turf and Dirt)
* Force to gain speed, Hold to slow down
* Whip to gain %5 speed
* Shunt to pass through your opponents
* Click on the items at the top of your inventory to change the race menu
* Click on the items in the middle of your inventory to change your lane (left, middle, right)

MSN: [email protected]

Here some tips for you:

* Never finish all of your mana or your horse will be exhausted for 10 seconds and run at the minimum speed.
* Check your current Optimum Speed and Mana Change to adjust your current speed.

Changelog for v1.2:

* Speed Drain and Potion of Durability added
* Hold is stabilized at 5 from now on
* Lane checkpoints are doubled to have a smoother lane shift
* Sprint Time added
* Immediate run after casting spells are removed
* Buying tomes are removed
* Skill point system added
* Weather conditions are removed
* Noob mode and 20 tips added
* Computer players have low IQ AI (will be improved soon)
* Camera and spell systems are changed and more stable
* Disturbance and surface factors are removed
* Total Mana Change table is replaced with Current Situation table
* Gaining Skill Points after being placed on every race
* Some icons are changed
* Some minor bug fixes and balance changes

This is the new version of the horse racing map that i'm working on.

So let me know about your ideas if you play my map.

Please report bugs. I'm gonna fix it as soon as you report.

StableCraft Deluxe 1.2 (Map)

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