(SPRPG) Ancient Lands I: Somarius

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Nov 14, 2010

"They said...
War would never come to us in these lands...
They said they wouldn't return..
They did...
Long ago we stood...
We fought together... United
Against a common foe...
The Caelturai...."

Hello hive, once again I am back on a project I know I must finished, I've never wanted to be more dedicated to a project then this one for Warcraft 3. Its really the first time I've ever tried not to make a ORPG. I've already start terraining. And by far its probally my best work, and its not even finished. The areas are going to be worked on. Re-worked, and re-worked. Over and Over again to make them perfect. Now the one thing I really only ask for is, Staff

Spell Creator(Need:1, Optional:2)
Model Creator(Need:1+)
Quest Story creator(Need:1)
Icon Creator(Need:1)
Item Creator(Need:1

First Name:
*Staff Position Applying For:
Link to Past Work:
* Availability:
*Why Should I pick you over others?:

Things without * before are not required but helpful if you wish to put it. Add your own things you feel needed. Things with * before it, are required.


In game test of models:

Ancient Lands I:Somarius

Long ago… The Caelturai achieved dominance and dominion over Somarius. The Caelturai were brutal and harsh death lords. The jarls of each city were forced to enslave their own people and then hang themselves. Humanity in Somarius was desperate for aid. Until one day, a child was born “So’raymeus” was the name given to him. His father being a Caelturai god, “Kazur” and his mother being a normal average enslaved human. This being so, he was what you call a demi-god. He was thought to be humanity’s savior. He was human slave, and a Caelturai lord. Years passed, So’raymeus grows, billions die. At the age of ten his father taught him sword mastery. By fifteen years of age he gains leadership of the Caelturai armies. His mind matures begins breaking Caelturai law. Feeding the slaves, helping the sick, showing mercy, and giving slaves money. Soon he secretly gave humans weapons… Thus so, the story of humanity’s freedom comes together…

Freedom…At last.
“Now we stand… Fight and receive the freedom the true bloods of Somarius deserve! CHARGE!” These are the words spoken by, Gaevin D. Maurs. This was said at the battle of Liberation, the battle where Somarius was won back. From this day on Somarius re-built, and the only Caelturai blood besides the gods who fled to the infinite void, left was So’raymeus. He was crowned High King of Somarius for helping free all the humans. He soon taught monks the language of Caerturn, the tongue only the Gods, spoke. So powerful one word to a mere mortal can knock them off the planet and to the void.

Some of you have asked, whats the game-play like, is there any features that will be cool? Yes there will be, First person arrow key or 3rd person click you cam choose in game how you want to move about. Second is I am going to be adding things in no one has seen before that the team will know about and one of those somethings I will never tell for the excitement when someone finds it for the first time :). What I'm going to do is do many, many unseen things. Like for one, its not like most RPGs, you don't pick a class at the beginning you level up your stats and such and as you do you gain the accessibility of the feature being you literally pick your class by playing like you could be a mage and shoot fire balls while attacking with a sword, etc. If you have a question, answer me and I will answer it to you and then answer it here.

Map Size:480x480
Some systems:
A unit at 30% hp will start to bleed.
When attacking, you will see damage done to enemy.
When casting a spell a bar will appear over head showing how much longer till spell is cast.
Going to add more things here soon. And story is nearly finished.

Recruitment Page link:http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/project-recruitment-256/sprpg-ancient-lands-i-somarius-recruitment-210908/
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May 9, 2009
Ok, as I see, not many people on hive like to comment projects)

About terrain
Did u make it in 2 minutes?)
Nothing interesting. If u need some winter resourses (tiles and decorations) look at my album, there are some screen from my old winter map. I can give some stuffs from there to you

Good luck, anyway
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May 23, 2009
Ok here's the thing... You only have one screenshot of one particular terrain. Not enough info on the map. Needs more screenshots of more of the terrain of the world. Should give more of a description of the map as well as far as story goes or what can we expect in the map as far as classes go ect, ect. :)
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Nov 13, 2010
I would like to know what exacktly the story is about instead of screens.
Some more information about gameplay mehanics would also be nice.
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Nov 14, 2010
Alright. Well Im still working on story, For some odd reason I honestly like literally making a huge long story when I make a story for a map, one time I signed up to make a story for someones map and it ended up being 13 paragraphs long
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Nov 13, 2010
Maybe you could just summarize the story and give write how the game starts to give the basic idea as to what the game is like. Not everyone is going to read several pages of text.
Also, i'd still like to know how the gameplay would be like.