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Sphere Ability useful?

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Level 12
May 20, 2009
I use to think it was fairly useless and I even for some reason thought it was extremely limited. But in actuality, if you need a Channel Ability to have a projectile without wanting to spend time using a custom projectile system, it's actually exactly what you need. It's quite flexible, though it takes some time to figure out how you use it with Channel. Now I know how to make an ability that targets a point and still has a projectile! With that, you can make an extremely primitive skillshot!

An example of this flexibility is an ability I made not too long ago. I based it off of channel. It was a target-point ability. But channel cannot use projectiles, and I wanted a projectile with it. There are no abilities in WarCraft III that are Target Point that also has a projectile. Then I remembered that Sphere existed. At first, I wasn't too sure if that would work properly. But with some adjustments to the Channel and the Sphere, it works seamlessly. It ended up looking very good and functioning very well.

What does everyone else think of Sphere?
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