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Level 9
Jul 30, 2011
1. Chinking: chaining ligthning with infine target. damage equal to 1.2x/2x/3x/4/5x of your strength. stun all target for 1sec. create 1 illusion for all target for 4 second. take 200%, deal 20%/40%/60%/80/100% damage.

2. Flaming Cleave: add area damage+ damage per second. last 4 second. DPS is 10/15/20/25/30% of your damage. last 2/3/4/5/6sec.

3. Bom Kentut: throw bom to area, make area damage, and DPS. slow MS and AS. last 2/3/4/5/6 sec.

can help me!!

my map to add tath: http://www.epicwar.com/maps/187131/

please help me!! :) :D!!
Level 16
Aug 20, 2009
changing cleave with poison buff won't give Damage over time.
and anyways, you can't detect "Base Damage" of your hero, unless you want it the damage dealt to the first target it hits.

the others are made-able easily.


what the hell is this xD


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Level 33
Oct 12, 2011
crozzz, English only please, don't adverstise on someone's thread, and do not double even triple post.
I'm sorry.. I'm a new user here... :thumbs_up:

Maybe I can create the flaming cleave for u if I have a sparetime..
Or I can teach u sometime...
Hmm. I'm not the best but I will tell you this..

To create flaming cleave is not difficult.
First you have to create a basic passive abilty (bash, cleaving attack, etc.)
But u have to disable all the effect. I mean that maybe you have to change the damage to 0 or change the target to None or perhaps change the chance to 0.
Then u create the ability triggers...

Create the variables first like cleave_caster(unit), cleave_target(unit group), cleave_damage(integer) and perhaps u may create cleave_effect(special effect with array) and effectnumb(integer) if you want to add fire effect or something else but this may just make stuff.
Okay then... Let we start.. This is MUI so that's easy to practice.. Hmm..

Create the casting and damage triggers

Casting trigger
  • Event
  • Generic unit Is attacked
  • If - Condition
  • Level of flaming cleave for attacking unit equal to 1/2/3/4/5
  • -------------------------------------------------------
  • Random number between 1-100 less than or equal to 10
  • ---Use this condition is if you want to make this ability has a chance. This make the chance becom 10% *New lesson hha. If you don't wanna you havn't to use this condition---
  • -------------------------------------------------------
  • Then - Action
  • Set cleave_caster=attacking unit
  • Pick every unit within "area of effect as you like. As ex:200" of attacked unit then
  • Add picked unit to cleave_target
  • Set cleave damage=(((5+((5*Level of flaming cleave for cleave_caster)/100)*damage taken by attacked unit)
  • ---You just have to understand this hha... Then you can copy..---
  • Turn on damage trigger
  • Custom script call PolledWait(4.0) or use wait 4 seconds of game-time
  • Turn off damage trigger
  • For loop 1-20 Integer A then
  • Destroy Cleave_Effect[Integer A]
  • Custom script call DestroyGroup(udg_Cleave_Target)
  • Custom script call DestroyGroup(udg_Cleave_Caster)
  • Custom script call set udg_Cleave_damage=null
  • ---Just destroy all the variables---
  • Else - Action
  • Do Nothing
Then let's go to the damage trigger... (We create the effect too..)
  • Event
  • Every 1 seconds of game-time
  • If - Condition
  • Then - Action
  • Set effectnumber = effectnumber+1
  • Pick every unit in cleave_target then
  • If
  • Picked unit is a hero equal to true
  • ---If u want to damage hero unit only---
  • Then
  • Make cleave_caster to damage picked unit by cleave_damage with aspell damage
  • Create special effect at origin/chest of picked unit using "Fire Effect"
  • Set Cleave_Effect[EffectNumber]=Last created effect
  • Else
  • Do Nothing
Then u create the dummy trigger to destroy the effect
  • Event
  • Every 1.25 seconds of game-time
  • If - Condition
  • Then - Action
  • For loop 1-20 Integer A then
  • Destroy Cleave_Effect[Integer A]
  • ---Don't forget to turn this trigger on in the casting event and turn it off after 4 seconds..---

Maybe that's all... May it will be useful...
I'll update if there's a mistake....
I'll try to make this ability too then I'll upload it as MUI... Hha...:grin:
Heyy.. Dude! You give me an inspiration... I'll add this ability into my game.... It will be cool... :thumbs_up:

Oh man... The chinking is very difficult to create... I'm helpless... Hha...
But the bomb isn't hard to make....
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