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Spell Request - Arrow Spells

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Level 10
May 27, 2009

I like to request an arrow spell. They are two but it is ok if you only make one of them. Really great help..

Spell #1:
Name: Blood Rain
Tooltip Description: Allows a unit to quickly shoot multiple arrows above its head. The arrows will shower down on a spot around the unit within 550 AoE.
Levels: 4
Number of arrows shoot upwards: 2
Number of arrows that will shower: 10-15
Damage: Please, if possible, make it configurable because I might change it and also the Area of Effect :]

Spell #2
Name: Burst Shot
Tooltip Description: The unit fires multiple arrows toward a direction. Explodes when in contact to an enemy unit that deals great damage.
Levels: 4
Arrows Shoot: 7 arrows to the direction

** Any kind of arrows, like missile of Archer (NightElf unit), missile of Priestess of the Moon(NightElf Unit) or Searing Arrows Missile (Ability)

Thanks! :grin:
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