Small Edit please help :(

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Mar 17, 2013
Dont Just ignore this Please Please guys help me Im begging you I just want to edit 3 models please.

Can you guys please edit this spearman model I cant seem to edit it. (1st) If you can please change his shield into a steel buckler (NOT THE BANDIT ONE) and his shoulder pads into something else. or something that will NOT make him look very similar to a footman.And (2nd) Guys I really need these models for my map I will give credits to the editors and authors. Can you please remove its hero glow and (3rd) make a one headed version of this (if possible can you use the right head). THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS. I already asked permission and they said it was ok as long as I give credits. :grin::fp::goblin_boom: Im just new to this modelling thing hihihi Im only 11, Credits will be given I swear. Please help a little brother out :) Thank you Thank you so much. Ive been waiting too long now since yesterday

I am really sorry for asking too much I just need it badly


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