Slimes (Constipating Edition)

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Sending you endless waves of slimes! Yuck!!! Yikes!

A large pack of slimes I converted from World of Warcraft to Warcraft 3.
Comes with two variants for each skins/theme: without face and with face.
Models I use from my projects and now sharing them.

Check the gallery below for the variations and derivatives of the slime.

Please give credits to models I ported will be appreciated.

Credits to Warcraft Underground for making things possible to port models from WoW to WC3.



A group of ninja about to engage a skirmish with green mucus slimes.


A group of human summoners and soldiers fighting a large group of evil slimes.

aqua slime (Model)

aqua slime (Model)

Azerite Slime (Model)

black blood slime (with face) (Model)

blood slime (Model)

blood slime (pure) (Model)

blood slime with face (Model)

corrupted slime (Model)

corruptedslime with face (Model)

golden slime (Model)

green slime with creepy face (Model)

greenslime (Model)

mossy slime (Model)

oil slime (with face) (Model)

orangeslime (with face) (Model)

orangeslime (without face) (Model)

slime - mercury (Model)

slime - mercury (with face) (Model)

slime_purple (Model)

slime_stormsong (Model)

water_boss (Model)

water_sha (Model)