Simplistic Reforged-inspired UI

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This is a Reforged inspired console UI that combines elements from the web-UI found in the WC3 CASC files.
I initially wanted to use this for myself, but I think it can be useful for others too.


For this demonstration we will replace the Human UI, but you can do this for all the races:

1. Import all files except "".
2. Rename the files:
"war3mapImported\Black Box.tga"

3. Import "" rename it to "ui\console\human\"
4. Import "" again and rename it to "ui\console\human\". These two UI frames are those that extend to the left and right of the screen on classic graphics.
5. Lastly we will hide the default black screen on the bottom and replace it with our own "Black box.tga" so it covers the portait on the backside. This requires a few lines of code shown below.

function Setup takes nothing returns nothing
    local framehandle blackbox

    call BlzFrameSetVisible(BlzGetFrameByName("ConsoleUIBackdrop",0), false) // Hide bottom black box
    set blackbox = BlzCreateFrameByType("BACKDROP", "", BlzGetOriginFrame(ORIGIN_FRAME_GAME_UI, 0), "", 0) // tiny black box behind portrait
    call BlzFrameSetSize(blackbox, 0.1, 0.15)
    call BlzFrameSetAbsPoint(blackbox, FRAMEPOINT_CENTER, 0.25, 0.05)
    call BlzFrameSetTexture(blackbox, "war3mapImported\\Black box.tga", 0, true)
    call BlzFrameSetLevel(blackbox , -1)

Update 3:
- Added mipmaps to the UI frames so they no longer look "corrupted" on Reforged "Low" settings (yes, Reforged graphics uses mipmaps on custom UI textures on low settings).

Update 2:
- Added import paths for the textures.
- Updated the minimap border.
- Added chains around the clock.
- Flipped the inventory cover background, so the shadows fit better.
- Added a small banner above the unit portrait.

Update 1:
Added a re-skin for the menu and quest section. Frames created with frame natives are also affected by this.

Black Box (Texture)

blank (Texture)

human-console-button-back-active (Texture)

human-console-buttonstates2 (Texture)

human-options-button-highlight (Texture)

human-options-menu-background (Texture)

human-options-menu-border (Texture)

humanuitile-inventorycover (Texture)

humanuitile-timeindicatorframe (Texture)

humanuitile01 (Texture)

humanuitile02 (Texture)

humanuitile03 (Texture)

humanuitile04 (Texture)