Simple Reskin Request

Hello, is there any chance someone can reskin the Blue Dragonspawn into a Black Dragonspawn aka: Like in this pic..

Willing to give repuation and credits to anyone who does, no need to focus on every detail I just need the appropiate reskins to imply that he's a Black Dragonspawn, thanks for your time.

NOTE: It'll be nice if it's just a .blp reskin like all other skins, it doesn't have to be a model
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Im very lazy to make all those armors and details

For the skins
DragonSpawn.blp : Units\Creeps\DragonSpawnBlue\DragonSpawn.blp
DragonSpawnextras.blp : Units\Creeps\DragonSpawnBlue\DragonSpawnextras.blp


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  • DragonSpawnextras.blp
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