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A battle between Alliance and Horde, Evil and Good, Enemy to Enemy.
In this Deserted part of The Barrens. Rally the troops, bolster you ranks and the most important... Destroy everything in your way.

Tip: A great way to play this is Humans Vs Orcs Or Humelfs Vs Undorc
Or maybe a giant cool Orc fight.
Enjoy my third map in Wc3 World Editor

Sorry for the bad terrain/no doodads.

This was a 20 minutes job and i enjoyed to create it. The Terrain isnt that good i know. But its really fun to have an Epic Orc 3v3 Fight.

Orc,Epic,War,Epic war,Melee,The Barrens,Barrens,3v3

Sidewinder (Map)

14:29, 19th Oct 2008 Rui: Rejected for lack of quality.




14:29, 19th Oct 2008
Rejected for lack of quality.
Level 30
May 3, 2008
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Terrain & Resources
Resources distribution is quite inbalance as all player only could have 1.2k gold. As for the terrain, it doesn't look impressive either especially when you look at the side edge of the map and I hardly notice other type of destructible/doodad rather than a tree at the edge of the map.
Inbalance resources distribution and no creep at all.
Unit Position & Item Drop
No creep and no item
Packaging & Description/Information/Detail
Packaging not impressive and the description seems to be decent
Quality & Hiveworkshop Rules
Quality are quite poor but it follow the rules of hiveworkshop.
Overall Review
The condition are simply bad, this is the result you get when you just make a simple check up about it. Currently I am setting it to review, you have 1 months to improve it or else I would reject it.
Positive & Negative Point
[+] -
[!] -
[-] - No creep
[-] - Inbalance resources distribution
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Unacceptable : 11-30
Lacking : 31-49
Useful : 50-69
Recommend : 70-90
Highly Recommend : 91-100
Director Cut : 101-105
Sub-Zero : 106+
1) Terrain - 6
2) Error - 0
3) Unit Position & Item Drop - 0
4) Packaging & Description/Information/Detail - 7
5) Quality & Hiveworkshop Rules - 11
Rating & Miscellaneous information
Score - 24/100
Moderator Rating - 1/5
User Rating - 1/5
Condition - Very Poor
Status - Review
Review - 1
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