SCV Tag - SCV's Vs Omegalisks -

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Oct 30, 2009
SCV Tag - SCV's Vs Omegalisks


Hey guys,
Im hoping you can all help me here. I've started a new map for SC2 that is on the NA server. It's heavily based on Tree Tag by 40k_ralle from Warcraft 3. I would really appreciate if you could all take a look at it!

About SCV Tag:
The game takes place on the planet Xytraco, in the Koprulu sector. The war has been won for now as the Terrans return to space, you are a (a). A forgotten SCV left to fend for himself on the planet (B) A Omegalisk in search of fresh meat. Inspired by the map by 40k_ralle from Wc3.

Known Bugs:
-Rain in the far left corner is heavily concentrated


Version 1.2:
New Features
-Omegalisks Can Now Nydus Worm

Bug Fixes
-Removed Energy On Regrow Trees
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