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save/load noob version

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Level 5
Jan 13, 2008
hi guys!... i want to an orpg, and i need save/load system...i found a lots of trigger/map+trigger/sites which explain what i need to do, and i cant understand....can anyone make a noob save/load system? a little more simply... please help!!!!!!!!!
Level 31
Jul 10, 2007
A simple one won't produce good results.

The one at TH by Acehart is simple, but you are going to get much longer codes with it. If you're ok with that and you aren't aiming for the perfect map, go for it ; ).

I just figured out how to make a very good save/load system that is easy and simple to use for GUI users. It will take some time, but I can do it ;o.

First thing I gotta do is update BigInt to get rid of the fps drop whenever a player saves or loads ;o.

Yup, the idea is filling up GUI arrays with the stuff you want to save ^)^. From there, OnSave and OnLoad triggers will be run so that you can fill other arrays up with other values, like player gold ;D. You can mark them as compress or don't compress, super easy all via arrays. After it's done being marked up, DisplayCode trigger will be evaluated and then you can display the code however you like ^_^.

Easy no? Actually... the issue now is backwards compatible codes... hmm... rather than evaluating OnSave and OnLoad, I can do variable events. If the event matches the OnLoad thing, then load. Yea... that's how I'll do it : D.

So soon (possibly not so soon), there will be a save/load system for GUI users ^^. Woooo. You won't have as much power as the vjass version, but it'll still get pretty decent results. There are 3 primary item filters, so as long as I work them all in, you should get results similar to using the vjass version : D. Actually.. the item portion could get tricky for the saving part... hm.... I'll think of a way to pull it off. Items are just so dern tricky to save ; (.
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