Reforged jpg loading screen

Would this help? :p
Thanks. :) but not really :p

What i want to do is replace the loading screen texture files of the existing Credits screen of the game.
I want Users who are using a Classic Warcraft Patch to be able to see it.

That's why i replaced these:

And users who are using the latest patch and Reforged to be able to see it.
That's why i'm looking to just replace the texture file of the Credits loading screen.
It seems like the Reforged Loading Screen textures are in jpg format.

I tried this path but it didn't work:

(So to further explain what i wanna do is upload all textures using reforged and classic paths for the Credits loading screen in the same map).
What do you mean by "Credits Screen"?
In your tutorial, you used an external loading screen file called "LoadingScreen.mdx".
In my case, i want to use the already existing "Credits" loading screen and replace the texture that it uses.
This is what i mean by the existing "Credits" loading screen.



Think of it like this, i wanna use a custom skin.
I tried using this path webui\loadingscreen\campaign\roc_credits.jpg but it didn't work. Do you know what's the exact path for that?

But why? If you just import the LoadingScreen.mdx and a texture set to Fullscreen.(whatever texture extension) then it'll get the same effect. I'm not sure what the process would be for replacing the classic loading screen textures but it doesn't seem worth it imo.
Damn dude!! lol
Like i said, I want uUsers who are using a Classic Warcraft Patch to be able to see it and also people who are using reforged. In the classic patches the loading screens used 4 texture files like this:

In Reforged's case, what i found is that the loading screens for the existing campaign maps are in jpg format but i can't figure out what's the correct path to replace that 1 jpg file.

Think of it like this, i wanna use a custom skin for the Grunt unit. And i want to make the Grunt have blue skin instead of green for people who use a classic patch (like 1.26a for example) or for those using a Reforged patch. So, i will upload 2 skins to my map. One for the classic and one the for the reforged version.
This is for the classic: units\Orc\Grunt\Grunt.blp
This is for Reforged: units\orc\grunt\