Recruiting: 3D modelers, Animators and 2D modelers.

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Sep 25, 2007
Recruiting ppl for My Map...

hi ppl, im recruiting this kinda ppl for my map, cuz is what we lack of it... im a modeler, but im not too much experienced... also we need the animators for attacks style and etc, and the 2D modelers for icons, loading backscreen and a lil in skining... i already have: beta tester, skill making, triggering and map (terrain) making. my project is called: Arrecifes Arena (so far, maybe it can be changed), this map consist in a war in the center of a circle and in the two side (right and left) there is the bad side and the good side, in the center, the chaos will RULE xD... then you have to destroy the enemys base, we got lots of ideas and stuff, if anyone got a screen shot, it will have to wait, the map doesnt got the triggers and skills added yet, then when those things are finished, we (modelers and what we lack of) gonna start working xD.
i know some of you will think this is lika dota, but its not, when you see the map, its different... also there are some naruto attacks and a series of funny and common skills.... :infl_thumbs_up:... i thanks to all who are interested.

the map (terrain) will be soonly finished, so i will be able to post screenshots...

here there is a pic (the map isnt completed yet, it lacks of some trigger fix and etc):

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