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Raptor Angel and Derivatives

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.

Raptor Angels are elite ranged units that widely used and served in the Republic, the Principality, the Death Angels, as well as the Sisterhood. The Republic variant is lightly armored and fitted in a Warden component and protects the neck from arrow fire, but exposes the lower body, yet has Evasion and fires a disintegrating arrows which damage and slows down enemies overtime. The Principality variant is moderately armored, but slow moving and used as magical and physical purposes, the Death Angel variant is lightly armored, but heavily armed and deal chaos damage and explodes upon death, and the Sisterhood Variant is arcane armored with angelic components, as well as a myriad of elemental abilities.

Update on 02/27/22: Full Clothed version of the Republic Raptor Angel is added.

The Video:

Death Angels Raptor Angel (Model)

Rep Raptor Angel V1 Portrait (Model)

Republic Raptor Angel (Full Clothed) (Model)

DA Raptor Angel Portrait (Model)

DA Raptor Angel Icon (Icon)

SOTE Raptor Angel (Model)

SOTE Raptor Angel Portrait (Model)

SOTE Raptor Angel Icon (Icon)

Principality Raptor Angel (Model)

Principal Raptor Angel Portrait (Model)

Principal Raptor Angel Icon (Icon)

Republic Raptor Angel (Model)

Rep Raptor Angel Portrait (Model)

Rep Raptor Angel Icon (Icon)