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Jan 18, 2005
Welcome to the StarCraft II Editor Help Zone.
This thread explains the purpose of, covers the rules that apply to and provides advice for using this forums section.​


To post any sort of technical problem you have while using the Starcraft II Editor program (which used to be referred to as the "Galaxy Editor") as a new thread and to help solve such problems by replying to them in a constructive manner. This is not the place for discussion over third party editing tools for StarCraft II such as modified editors.​


  1. This forum section is to be used only for its intended purpose (described above).
  2. All posts submitted must comply with the general website Rules.
  3. Replies must try and be constructive (intentionally or repeatedly posting wrong information is not allowed).


  • Your question may have already been asked and answered previously in this forum section. Use the search tool to help check if this is the case.
  • Your question may be covered by a Tutorial on this site.
  • Large block of GUI or galaxy script should be put between [HIDDEN] [/HIDDEN] tags to keep the thread more readable.
  • Thread names should roughly describe the problem at hand. Example: "How to use banks?" is much clearer than "I NEED HELP!!!111" if you do not understand how to use banks in your script.
  • Problems should be clearly explained in plain English. People do not know what you want unless you tell them exactly.
  • Avoid multi threading an active problem. If your problem is very similar to a thread that is active (last post under 48 hours old), consider subscribing to that thread and observing the outcome.

Terms of Use

By posting in the Galaxy Editor Help Zone, you agree to have read, acknowledged, and understood this document. This policy is enforced by moderators of the Galaxy Editor Help Zone and administrators. Violators might be punished with negative reputation or even infractions.​
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