Project ROC Game Jam 2019

Level 1
Nov 14, 2019
Thanks admin for letting me post this contest.

Tl;dr - Participate in a contest and use our editor to create a mini-game. Chance to win $ and release the game to PC/Mobile. Sign up here: Project ROC

Full Post Below

Dear Hive community,

We have been working on an editor (similar to world editor and galaxy) hoping to help modders bring their games to live on PC/Mobile/Console. We've been using the editor ourselves to build this game; Home

And now we are launching a contest (with rewards). Check it out here: Project ROC

This is just the beginning. Our team came together because we believe in you, our fellow modders. We believe that your passion will bring the very best games to this world. We want to provide you the technology, art, and services you need to ship commercially viable games. We will listen to your voice, fulfill your feature request, and help you grow your games.

We have only one mission: help modders succeed.

It's an honor to have you on this wonderful journey.


You can PM me on Discord: Coke#9935