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[Picture] Units of the Alliance Basically the entire techtree of the Alliance For DP. Sure Made F

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Level 10
May 3, 2009
Units of the Alliance
Basically the entire techtree of the Alliance For DP.
Made From Crusaders Willl
Templar-Elite Unit
Paladin-Elite Healer Unit
Crusader- Elite fast Unit.
Elven Knight-Magic user on horse back
Made from Aviary
Dragon-Heavy Air unit
Dragon Hawk Rider- Main Air Unit
Made From the Vault
Bastalista-main siege unit.
Assualt Golem- Main Line breaker
Mini Golem- Used in masses.
War Knight- Fast Rider used for scouting
Units Made In the Alliance Sanctum
Alliance Priest-main healer unit
Pyromancer-main caster unit
Inqusitor-main antimage
Monk-Aura unit.
WitchHunter-Secondary unit that targets siege units.
Alliance Barracks
Alliance Soldier-main fighting unit.
Alliance Sniper-Main Range Unit
Brigander- secondary range unit
Black Knight-Elite Horsemen
Alliance Swordsmen-Main Elite Fighting unit.
Alliance Crusader-Main demihero used for line breaking only can have a maxuim of 6
Town Hall
Worker-main builder resource gatherer .etc.
Militia-quick defence unit.
half or maybe 60% of these units will be chosen for the DP map.


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Level 10
May 3, 2009
My men are elites not some man at arms. Only the Dwarves are man at arms.
In total we 16 factions.
Humans-Storm Clan, Mawe Clan, Honor Knights, Lagoshian Empire, Humans of Torin, Human's of Alteratic, and Human's of Lordaeron.
Dwarves-Dwarven Kingdom of Lagosh.
Elves- Arcane Elves of Yain, High Elves of Quelthas.
Goatmen- The Horned Hoof Clan.
Others (unorganized mix)- Sages of Talnar, Theives Guild, Templar Guild, Riders of Alteratic, Mages of Torin.
And the Leaders of this are the Guardians which is basically our version of the most elite, basically their can only be 12 Grand Guardians at one time, and only 500 Guardians active at one time. StormWarriors2 is the only known Grand Guardian. This order is the most shrouded.
Level 10
May 3, 2009
And these are all the units have used so far. They are not all aviable at one time. Different units for different sections. All of them are different and are put into different parts of my Campagian.
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