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PC doesn't use ability

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Level 2
Sep 16, 2007

I have a problem in my map. There's a hero, controlled by the computer (player 7), lvl 10. I gave him the ability "Curse of Fire". It's an edited "Soul Burn"-ability.
But whenever I fight against this hero, he NEVER uses his ability. Of course he has enough mana.
Other units and heroes, controlled by the computer, use their abilitys, only this one hero doesn't.
Does anybody know, what I can do, that he uses his spell?

Thanks in advance,

Level 2
Dec 21, 2007
I've had that problem before, never knew how to fix it.
But im sure one of the more experienced users here will show you how it's done by a trigger or something, sry :hohum:
Level 14
Nov 18, 2007
With a trigger you could do this...
  • Curse of Fire
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit Is attacked
    • Conditions
      • And - All (Conditions) are true
        • Conditions
          • (Level of Curse of Fire for (Attacked unit)) Greater than 0
          • (Mana of (Attacked unit)) Greater than or equal to ManaCostofCurseofFire
          • (Random integer number between 1 and 5) Equal to 1
          • ((Attacking unit) is TypeThatCurseofFireCan'tTarget) Equal to False
    • Actions
      • Unit - Order (Attacked unit) to Neutral Fire Lord - Soul Burn (Attacking unit)
The unit will have a 20% chance to cast Curse of Fire on the attacking unit when it is about to be attacked...
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