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Paste GUI Spell to my Map

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I've been trying to paste this spell to my map http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/spells-569/chain-spell-template-170081/?prev=search%3Dchain%26d%3Dlist%26r%3D20. It's too damn annoying. I copied the Dummies and spells first one by one then i copied the triggers yet the affected spells and dummies used in the trigger get matched why some other units and spells in my map. I tried correcting every line of the trigger yet i forgot some crap ( spent 2hours, my eyes burns, my back is broken,pffffffffffffff). Is there an easy way to copy the damn trigger correctly?
That spell has issues in configurables, which it lacks.
Well, so much for 2010 approved spell.

This is the problem.

GUI implementation
These are just normal triggers, with events/conditions/actions. Copy-paste all the spell-related triggers into your map. Now most of you will say: “Ok, we’ve copy-pasted the triggers, things will work out, end of story” but it isn’t so simple. Why? Because we might have raw codes involved as well. And so, how do you solve this problem? Well, let’s take a simple example.

We have the following condition into the original map:
“Ability Being Cast” equal to Mass Sleep
but which in your map will look like this:
“Ability Being Cast” equal to Strafe
In this case you will have to go and change this condition. In this case we change the Strafe with Mass Sleep and problem is solved. But how do you know in how many places you need to do this change? Usually they will appear when you refer to custom abilities/units/doodads/items/buffs/models. You will have to check the trigger event by event, condition by condition and action by action and change these accordingly so they look like into the original map.

Keep in mind that you have to refer to this when you are talking about a general unit type, doodad type, item type, unit type, buff, ability. So problems cannot appear to constants like Casting Unit, Ability Being Cast, Item Being Manipulated and so on. Also, the problems do not appear when you refer to these objects with variables. They will usually appear when you Create Units (and you refer to a certain unit type), add an ability, remove an ability, create an item or even creating a special effect (it if involves custom models).

What should i do? Check the trigger event by event?
Is there a better spell similar to this?
Level 19
Jul 14, 2011
So your problem is that when you paste the spell the used dummies/spells in the triggers get messed up?

That is because you have different object editor data. I think it searches for a spell/unit with the same rawcode and puts it in there.

Typically, most spells have a configuration trigger, so you will have to change each thing only once, but since this one doesnt - you have to change all of them.
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