Pandaren Hero Model: Shodo-Pan

Level 9
Mar 5, 2010
Hello, I am making a Pandaren, customized race, inspired by the Mists of Pandaria expansion that WoW is coming out with (please no hater comments I really don't care about Kung Fu Panda). This will be avaliable for all creative story writers to use in Campaigns predicting how Panda will come to join Alliance/Horde. :pcon:

I am also taking information gathered from various Azerothian Lore sources. :prazz: One of which is here. which talks about the Shodo-Pan pictured here...


Notice the little small panda on the back? :pshock: I believe this is important... I don't know why yet, but that isn't my problem. My problem is that there are NO models of a lightly armoured samuri like Pandaren w/ a little panda on his back, ANYWHERE! Now I know that this is very specific... :pmeh:

So, here is what I would like you to do. One of these.
1. Post if you know of an existing model and link.
2. Post if you can make a new model or edit an existing one.
3. Post if you know someone who can make a new model or edit an existing one.
4. If you cannot help with any of this; spread the thread around and see if anyone you know can.

If you would do this I would much appreciate. I expect to hear from you all soon. Expect to see a Pack of Panda models and Data, around Summer of 2012 depending on how long the models take

Cya! :pgrin: