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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
I chose to make this panda sue to the lack of Pandas on the hive. not a single Panda (not pandarens) were in the skin section, model section, or the icon section. So, I chose to cange that. Enjoy!

panda, bear, pandaren, forest

PANDA (Texture)

23:02, 15th Jun 2008 THE_END: This is mostly a recolor. 2 days or this is gone, improve




23:02, 15th Jun 2008
THE_END: This is mostly a recolor. 2 days or this is gone, improve
Level 7
Feb 9, 2008
Remove the tusks, fix up the gums and brighten up the fur (the gray parts). Other than that, it's a nice idea and great skin.
Level 23
Jan 25, 2008
Ok guys. I have a version that I am completing other alphad areas. I alphad out the tusks, and will brighten the gray areas. Thanks guys. I have one question though. How do you get Teamcolor?

EDIAT: Ok. I have alphad out the stuff that is not required. I am brightening stuff up but don't know how to get teamcolor to work. So if you guys know how, Please Tell Me. Thank you for your patience.
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Level 45
Jun 3, 2005
I made and posted a panda skin not long time ago, but they rejected it because it was just retone and recolor... it looked kinda nice, but... rejected...

I think your skin needs to be more whiter and lighter, and those tusks are not needed
yes, so unless you get freehand into this icon thats clearly visible dont expect this skin to be staying here.
Check the Geosets on the model you are making a new skin for. If the material applied to said Geoset is set to "Team Colored" then the areas that you have alpha'd out will become the color of the player owning said unit. Make sure you haven't set your Eraser tool, the tool that Alpha's out areas on an image, to 100% opacity or your Team Colored area will be way to bright.

Considering this skin isn't exactly "Freehanded", trust me the definition is very complicated, it will most likely not get approved. Though it is a useful skin and can be used in other places. You could probably put a screenie of this in a Gallery on your Profile Page.