[Import] Overwrite path to all races UI\cursor.blp without 4x import

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So I made this hi-res cursor set. Problem is I want it to overwrite all races and not just human. I really don't want to import it 4 times. I'm looking for the path names in war3miscSkins.txt but its not there. I just want to overwrite it without importing it 4 times. There must be a way. All helpful comments will get +Rep.


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If it is possible it will be through Advanced>Game Inerface

Did you check? ... because I can't find a generic UI\cursor there or even the human one. I have been looking for an hour. That's the only reason I posted here. It is also not in Skins.txt as far as I know. Please point to the exact location. There is a model in Game Interface but no blp.
Well, I said "IF is is possible..", I have never heard of anyone doing this before so I had my doubts. But then the thought of changing it in Game Interface crossed my mind, if it's not there, then I fear it's not possible.

To my knowledge anyway.

Everything is possible. I can import the human model and let that replace the other races. That model is not as heavy as my skin. But, I am fairly sure that there is a path somewhere that I can edit. I would also wager a bet that someone on the Hive knows what that path is and how to find it. I know how to replace other paths that are not on Game Interface. They are in Skin.txt but I can't find this one.



Nightelfcursor, Undead, ect.

Never import a 342kb cursor.blp multiple times again!


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