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Whats New:


Bug Fixes:
* Backpack no longer unequips weapons
* Crew/alien death bugs have been fixed

Whats New:
* Parasitic Infection will auto cast when you auto attack if you have auto cast enabled


Bug Fixes:
* Mechs can be entered before tier 2 again
* Rubble can travel properly on the elevator
* The camera no longer pans away when entering a mech in a vessel
* Mimics who enter mechs will change the color of the mech to who they are mimicking

Whats New:
* N/A

* Mechs are no longer slowed by creep
* Zerg spawned from eggs are no longer player controlled
* Zerg spawned from eggs are 66% stronger (Health, armor and damage multiplier increased from x2 to x3)

Bug Fixes:
* X-rifle is turned off when infested
* Reactor can no longer be turned on during the cosmic storm
* You no longer have a "death" statement once infested
* Eggs are "cleaned up" when the alien player dies

Whats New:
* There are now two way to enter the overmind cave again, one connecting directly to the base via the duct system.

* Creep will not lose visibily if a player has already viewed it. This mechanic is much like buildings in fog of war.

Bug Fixes:
* Mines and nukes will no longer be visible in fog of war

Whats New:
* Biotic pistol has a new active ability, "Trauma Kit", that can be used like a lesser First Aid Kit at the cost of energy

* Creep will now longer be displayed through the fog of war. As a result, creep no longer modifies terrain but creates an effect

Bug Fixes:
* You can use repair kits on mech
* Mech will now only auto refill when the run out of energy
* The end game screen will no longer cut off on long names

Whats New:
* Mechs will auto refill fuel if they have it in their inventory
* Added a duct between level 4 and level 2

* Passive Evolution Gain Improved from every 270 seconds to 200
* Damage Rescaled for all Alien Forms. Spawns are now weaker compared to host.
* Base Alien Form Movespeed Reduced from 380 to 350
* Camazotz Base Hp Reduced from 375 to 325
* Camazotz Attack Rate Increased from 0.550 to 0.650
* Parasitic Infection now scales on Tech Upgrades
* Transform/Untransform cooldown incresed from 20 to 25
* Spawning Crew Members no longer provide any Evo Income/Points

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed stun bugs + pause bugs + invulnerablity bugs

Whats New:
* Mechs retain your access card level even if they are not carrying the card themselves
* More minimap indicators - showing each level

* N/A

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed more power core issues
* Fixed an Brittle Carapce HP bug
* Goliath attack hotkey set to [A]

* Knocked down players can provide a two character statement once
* Minor chat rework
* Infected now have an indicator that is viewable to other infected
* Vessels can now be destroyed from the inside via the computer terminal
* Stealth has an advanced version: Cost reduced from 35 to 25 and cooldown reduced from 20 to 16.
* Goliath can manually targets with the attack ability. They can stop attacking by pressing stop.
* Damage system overhaul (you shouldn't notice any differences except less bugs)
* Access cards will automatically activate at doors - even during a lockdown. This also works for players in mechs
* Minimap icons are much clearer
* Elevators have a floor indicator showing what floor the elevator is on

* Spawn can no longer deal damage of any kind to the host. (Yes no more bunker bustin' your host's evo chamber)
* Flashlights use 33% less energy
* Mechs no longer have energy drain while the mech is not moving or attacking
* As a result, mech drain doubled
* Quick Shot (Sniper ability) can be used while stealthed
* Stealth duration increased from 10 to 15 seconds. Cooldown increased from 15 to 20 seconds.
* SCVs take reduced damage from bunker busters (25% less damage)
* Mech upgrade mana bonus reduced by 60%

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed the murder indicator on new players
* Fixed access card related issues
* Mutations will travel to new hosts properly, and so will income
* Vaults will display proper loot chances (+5%)
* Possibly fixed scv movement
* Fixed mech issues
* Trying a new method to disable units - may or may not be stable. May possibly fix the pause unit issues previously experienced
* UI has been fixed and wont turn invisible. The quest log animation bug was fixed
* Fixed a few issues with hatch logic
* Fixed a few issues with attacking targets near cliffs
* Zerg can no longer go hyper speed
* Laser canon deals proper true damage, and it is hilarious
* Ship can no longer be destroyed without going through the entire destruction sequence
* The power core no longer bugs out

Whats New:
* Added the Phase Dodge augment
* Added Awakened Mainframe research to Bridge's Terminal
* Added loot info to objects that drop loot
* Cosmic Storms
* Private Chat now will reveal Crew Identity among the infected
* Clear Zerg now clears all zerg, including seeders, but only from where you are not. Example: if you are on the ship, it will clear them from the planet.

* Fuel Cell now available at Tier 1 Hardware Synthesizer instead of Tier 2
* Containment Field(Pen Wall) HP increased from 750 to 900
* Reactor's Hardware Synthesezier now starts with Tier 2
* Increased Crew Income for Medical Research Upgrade
* Sniper Rifle damage rescaled
* Bunker Buster now uses Grid Build Pathing
* CEO Bonus Max HP bonus reduced from 5% to 3%
* Hatch Upgrade costs less and provides more bonus HP
* Tumors can no longer be placed inside the Planet's Cave
* Base Infested Attack Rate reduced from 0.85 to 1
* Infested Marines Base Damage Reduced from 16 to 10
* Infested Marines Base Armor Reduced from 5 to 3
* Infested Marines Armor Type changed to "Carapace"

Bug Fixes:
* SCV Movement Speed no longer be slowed after numerous re-entering
* Destroyed Pen Walls will now force all Anti-Zerg Research to be cancelled
* Various Other Bug Fixes


Game Design:

  1. maddeem
  2. TheFace93
  3. RaptorJesus


  1. TriggerHappy
  2. Magtheridon96
  3. Bribe
  4. Maker
  5. Cohadar
  6. Anitarf
  7. ZibiTheWand3r3r

3D Models:
  1. Kitabatake
  2. The_Silent
  3. Talon the Mage
  4. killst4r
  5. Thrikodius
  6. Grey Knight
  7. Amigurumi
  8. Fingolfin
  9. Grey Knight
  10. Rolo
  11. purparisien
  12. Daelin
  13. Ket
  14. DeadEnd123
  15. -Grendel
  16. Uncle Fester
  17. JetFangInferno
  18. Mythic
  19. Ribernamania
  20. Frotty
  21. Markus3832
  22. coxxon
  23. AlienAtSystem
  24. Chuchurute
  25. cotd333
  26. Em!
  27. epsilon
  28. Pvt.Toma
  29. ikillforeyou
  30. neogaidenx
  31. HerrDave
  32. Gamegear
  34. BossGengar
  35. Hayate
  36. Misha
  37. Mister_Haudrauf
  38. WhiteDeath
  39. SuPa-
  40. theJ89
  41. Scythy Dervish
  42. olofmoleman
  43. Hellish Hybrid
  44. bisnar13
  45. chilla_killa
  46. Goldwolf
  47. darkdeathknight
  48. GotGunz
  49. P4RI4H
  50. RightField
  51. Thrikodius
  52. Shyster
  53. Captain Bacon
  54. imforfun
  55. Trollschnitzel
  56. Veronnis
  57. Malvodion
  58. Kimbo

  1. M0rbid
  2. bigapple90
  3. -JonNny
  4. kola
  6. General Frank
  7. Infinitynexus
  9. NFWar
  11. PrinceYaser
  12. The Panda
  13. kolaJuan_Ann
  14. HappyTauren
  15. San
  16. Matarael
  17. Lelling
  18. Big Dub
  19. GhostThruster
  20. Zombie
  21. Captain_Rufar
  22. FrlkY
  23. bgcy_ro002
  24. Avatars Lord

OriginZ (Map)

Seems like a solid map. The bad dude might be a bit too powerful later. Approved.


Map Reviewer
Level 57
Jun 4, 2009
Is there an original author before you made this version? If so, please provide permission for editing and uploading. For instance there are some other two authors who don't have HIVE accounts so I don't know who they are.
Also, the concept seems quite similar to Codename: Askellon and others before it. MineralZ had that Vampirism base building stuff.
Level 22
Jan 1, 2011
No, I am the original author. I've been working on it from scratch since 2019. Link (Before Askellon :p)
It is semi open source so I have taken several contributions from community players. It was never officially open source but I was inactive for a while and so several community members were updating it. Recently, TheFace93 has been doing balance, modeling and moderate gameplay tweaks so I took him on as a co-author.

It definitely follows in the footsteps of maps like metastasis and these maps follow the who-dun it murder RPG genre. A lot of inspiration was taken from Parasite (A StarCraft 2 mod).

We have a very active community on discord if you want to pop in for a game or two: Discord


Map Reviewer
Level 57
Jun 4, 2009
OK. Removed some of the map tags since they are not quite fitting. For instance, Role Playing Game, you expect something like Diablo, a dungeon crawler. Tag/Vampirism, you think of Tree Tag or Vampirism type map, so on.
If you don't think it's OK, you can explain why and put them back.