Original Craft

Level 2
Dec 31, 2007
Good day, ladies, gentlemen, zerglings of all ages! We here at Original Team, are looking for the able, skilled and willing! Ideally all three.

We are a small team, 2 members so far, actually, working to capture the spirit of an old classic (or more). All from Europe, available to contact via several means, mostly Steam, but we are also looking to create a custom forum for our needs. There's also TeamSpeak, a nifty little client, if you want to hear a beautiful voice or two.

So, what are we making, who is making it and why do we want you?

We are currently creating a map with mechanics and gameplay inspired by an old overlooked gem called Original War. Three completely new factions, familiar bells and whistles, all fighting a long time ago, on a planet you all know. We're prioritising a multiplayer map for now, and, if the stars align, maybe even a single player campaign, later down the line. We're currently working on an alpha version, completing one of the factions conceptually.

Right now, as I said, there's two people on the team: Team Commander / Script-mage: SioxerNic (Nicolai Vedgren) AND Lore Writer: Myself, Tau22/Inuyashe (Tomas) [May also be referred to as Executive Creative Director of Lore]

We are looking primarily for a modeller and a concept artist, a great duo, they shall make. Other than that, mappers and even testers shall be more than welcome down the line, as well as anyone willing to invest some time and give us a helping hand in some way.

A word from the commander: We need dedicated team members, but we don't judge that by time spent, but rather how much they accomplish, we are aware that people have real life and such beside their E-Life. As such we'll say something like 3-10 hours a week should suffice, but any more time spent than that would be much appreciated. Oh, and, if you're having a bad week or something, just tell us, okay? We have all the time in the past to make this!

Thank you for reading our little recruitment notice! Hope we've garnered at least some interest within your beautiful soul.