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Orbs Effect Priority

Discussion in 'World Editor Help Zone' started by CaptainHero, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. CaptainHero


    Sep 30, 2012
    So yeah i did some research and apparently someone said: the first orb you pick up is the one who's effect will trigger..

    If you pick up an Orb of Frost and then an Orb of Venom, the unit being attacked will get slowed by the Frost Orb.

    However I just noticed, this is only the case since the Frost Orb is at the first place of your inventory, so if you swap the items in your inventory the Orb of Venom will poison the unit being attacked..

    So I would say that the position of the item in you inventory is determining which Orb effect will fire.

    Anyway maybe this isn't new after all, just didn't come across this thesis on the web, maybe it isn't true... Although even when rearranging the orbs with another Non-Orb item in your inventory, by swapping them with a potion for example, the new order is being acknowledged and the orb now closer to the the top left corner of your inventory will fire. (Trying to rule out if in fact swapping items in you inventory would technically be a item drop and a item pick up)

    the inventory slot priority order is: (while 1 is the highest and 6 the lowest)
    1 2
    3 4
    5 6
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  2. Yes, I think this is how it works.

    The orb effect at the 'top' of your inventory applies to your hero

    1. slot
    2. slot
    3. slot
    4. slot
    5. slot
    6. slot

    with this priority, even if you change your inventory without dropping any item, the 'highest' orb-type item is applied to your hero attack.

    I don't think so, it is just updated, I suppose...
  3. Ceday


    Feb 22, 2010
    It depends on type of orb, whether unit being melee or ranged, the place of orb item in the inventory and whether the orb effect is coming from item or unit ability.