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Optimal way to take screenshots

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Level 4
Aug 24, 2016
Has a good method ever been figured out for taking screenshots in the Editor? Pressing 'Print Screen' is very rough, it grabs only what's not hidden by the UI, and the resulting resolution is disappointing.

There has to be a better way. I say so because you can do some stupid things to let you screenshot more. Like hide the taskbar. Or stretch the editor onto multiple monitors. More than what you can currently see is obviously rendered, so how do you capture it? Seems pretty ridiculous that it's limited by how many monitors you own.
Searching for the solution didn't even reveal me the above tips, which leads me to believe people are doing something different.

Is there a tool that can help? An addon for the Editor? Can the 'HiveWE - World Editor' do it? Is it at least possible to reduce the size of the UI?

I've attached an example of a very good screenshot I've found. 'Advanced -> View Entire Map' was clearly used, but that doesn't explain the excellent resolution (3921x2741).


  • d78jum1-c77d91f0-3a8a-404e-bd0b-8d04bf00b7e1.png
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