Not sure this is possible! but it is a badass idea!

Level 7
Dec 8, 2005
ok this one is my idea...

this is the plan. i have a hero that will learn how to take less dam when units attack him. i want the dam to be decreaced like a reverse ignite(no explostion). so that every attack the attacking hero and units will deal less dam to the hero with the ability.

i was think of doin it this way.
a hero has an ability that is an aura...
when unit is under the effect of the aura add ability antisbation(just not have icon for the ability.)
when the unit is not under the aura then remove the ability

but then i dont know how to only limit it. cause what if the hero or units are attacking friendly units and they are within the range of the heros aura, and then the ability will work for everyone else that the units attack. any ideas for a condition to limit it?