[NOT A REQUEST] Difficulty asessment...

Level 2
Dec 18, 2007
I have no experience triggering spells at all, which is why I'm looking for some more experienced insight.

In terms of the difficulty, how difficult would it be to write a spell that did the following:
-Shoots a single target bolt of lightning (just chain lightning or something) to start
-When the spell hits the target, it releases 3 more bolts at random [enemy of the caster] units, dealing diminished damage.
-Each target of the secondary bolts releases a single bolt at another random [enemy of the caster] unit that has not been hit yet, dealing diminished damage.

So simply put, bolt to initial target, bolt forks to 3 other targets, those 3 in turn release one more bolt. Each jump does diminished damage, units can't be hit more than once.

I don't really care to know how it would be done at this point, just if it would be difficult or not to trigger it and make it MUI.
Level 9
Jun 26, 2005
well you can use storm bolt since your saying bolts, once a unit cast storm bolt on target unit, you create 2 dummy unit that has chain lightning with a storm bolt model and set the speed as same as storm bolt, then you make it bounce twice. so its basicly one hammer goes to a unit then 2 hammer comes out of the unit to other two unit, then bounce to other 2 unit.

EDIT: my bad, i didnt know you said 3, so you can also do it this way. make a chain lightning spell for your casting unit set target = 3 and then make a chain lightning spell for dummy casters set target = 2 then when the casting unit uses chain lightning create 2 dummy casters and make them cast chain lightning on random units in the area.



Level 2
Jan 9, 2008
It sounds perfectly feasible, both in terms of making it functional in a scenario where multiple heroes possess the spell in question and in terms of ensuring that a target never gets struck twice by the lightning created by a single hero. It's probably a lot more efficient to write this in JASS (after all, when isn't it?) but this is absolutely feasible with GUI.

It's drastically easier if you want it non-MUI, but making it functional for multiple players only requires use of large arrays, as far as I can see.

Level 19
Aug 24, 2007
I don't think it can be MUI in GUI if you can't hit a target twice.
Without it you can, but it will probably be kinda clumsy.

create a dummy upon your head order it to cast stormbolt(50 range) on target and give custom value of 5. make moment speed 522
so it will chase target and cast stormbolt when close

when someone casts stormbolt
if its custom value is 5
do same thing without giving custom value
and kill casting unit

That would be MUI but not would work properly (when enemy escapes etc)
or you can make base spell fiery fire to gain vision of that target anyway